Are you looking for a committee that is organizing easy-going events which bring like-minded people together? Then AmiCaerus might just be the right place for you! Whether it is exchanging books over summer, meeting students from all years through the buddy system, or sending a flower to show some love to friends, lovers, and beautiful strangers… These are all wholesome events that are meant to brighten everyone’s busy everyday life.

This is what we have to offer but what about you? Do you have ideas on some events we could organize in the future that would bring some like-minded people together? Then we would love to see you during our social committee times every other week in which we share some good food, laughs, and some inspiring thoughts :)

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Send a flower to...
Summer Book Exchange - AmiCaerus Committee
Summer Book Exchange & Picknick

Committee Members:

Chair: Julie Jeuken

Secretary: Noortje Assink

Treasurer: Hidda den Ouden

Other committee members:

Hannah Matthiesen

Josh Patrik

Here are the steps for joining our committee:

  1. In order to join a committee, you have to become a Caerus member! (The 3-year membership will be absolutely worth it!)
  2. Then click: Caerus - Join a Committee! ( and log in with your personal details. 
  3. The sign-up process is pretty self-explanatory, but make sure to check AmiCaerus as the committee you are applying for
  4. Upload your brief motivation letter - no worries, we just want to know who you guys are, what you expect from our committee, and maybe some fun ideas for possible events. 
  5. Upload your CV - just a formality, anything you feel like mentioning. Note: We would like to have your phone number to add you to our group chat. 
  6. Click the send button :)

We look forward to getting to know you more! There will be no such thing as an interview... We would like to organize a pitch night (date to be announced) to get to know each other better and have a good time. Since being part of a committee is not only about the organizational part, but spending time with like-minded people!