20 Dutch Delicacies & 19 NYE Parties

/SLASH/’s 4 days of Christmas (day 4)

First things first. What are 20 Dutch delicacies and 19 NYE parties doing together in one article? Well, not everyone will be in Groningen on New Year’s Eve. They will be back home or somewhere else spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve with family and friends. Now finding the best NYE parties for these people from all over the world would prove difficult, but especially for the travelers /SLASH/ also included a list of typical Dutch delicacies you can bring back home to surprise your friends and family with. (And no, we obviously can't do two seperate posts as we promised four days of Christmas, not five.)

20 Dutch delicacies to bring back home

1. Jenever

2. Oldtimer liquorice


3. Farmer’s cheese

4. Stroopwafels

5. Hagelslag

6. Groninger koek

7. Texels Skuumkoppe

8. Stroopkoeken

9. Autodrop

10. Eierkoek

11. Advocaat

12. Spekkoek

13. Hopjes

14. Roze koek

15. Muisjes

16. Jodenkoek

17. Vanillevla

18. Speculaas


19. Erwtensoep

20. Pepernoten


The Best 19 NYE parties in Groningen

Now let’s get into the collection of best events happening in Groningen on New Year’s Eve. Some are free, but most of them are paid (as is usual on NYE), even the ones you normally walk into for free.

1. KopjeK NYE Houseparty

December 31 23:59-07:00 at Graanfabriek
Price: €23.49. More info here, buy tickets here

2. WE ♡ 2019 by De Drie Gezusters

December 31 21:00-09:00, all over Groningen
Price: starting from €25.99, stay up to date here and get tickets here 

3. OOST • NYE: For The Ravers w/ Kobosil + Matrixxman

January 1 00:30-08:00 at OOST
Price: €23. Get your ticket here 

4. Club Kokomo Presents NYE: Las Vegas

December 31 23:59-06:00 at Club Kokomo Groningen
Price: starting at €20, dress up and get your one way ticket to Sin City here 

5. NYE / HSA

December 31 23:30-08:00 at Hundread Sound Accompany HSA Groningen
Price: €15.79. Get tickets and find all the info here 

6. Club Kiwi Presents NYE: Glow in the Snow

December 31 22:00-07:00 at Club Kiwi
Price: starting at €7.50. Put on your best white clothes and get your ticket here 

7. Sexualized NYE | w/ Tabitha

December 31 23:55-06:30 at Huize Maas
Price: starting at €18 (group ticket). Find all info here and get your tickets here 

8. The New Year's Eve Celebration 2019 @copasgroningen

December 31 23:30-07:00 at COPAS
Price: FREE

9. Frisse Disco Club Maca & Roni Pakhuis

December 31 23:00-06:00 at Het Pakhuis
Price: starting at €9 (group ticket). Get your tickets here and find all info here 

10. Chupitos NYE

December 31 12:59-05:00 at Chupitos Groningen
Price: FREE, go before 01:00 and get a FREE shot too

11. NYE Wolter Wolthers 2019

January 1 00:30-07:00 at Wolter Wolthers
Price: €11.68, get your tickets through here 

12. Pop, Fizz, Clink: New Years Eve at Blokes

December 31 22:00-05:00 at Blokes
Price: €10.99, get your tickets here 

13. Donovan's New Year Party - All Inclusive

January 1 00:30-06:00 at Donovan’s
Price: €40.99 ALL INCLUSIVE. Get your ticket here 

14. Hard Paradise: NYE

December 31 23:59-05:30 at Troubadour Groningen
Price: €6.44 for early bird. Get your tickets here 

15. Ocean 41's New Years Party 2019

December 31 23:59-06:00 at Ocean’s 41
Price: €10.96, get your tickets here 

16. Oud & Nieuw in 't Golden Fust

December 31 22:00-07:00 at 't Golden Fust
Price: FREE, if you like the Facebook page and attend the event on Facebook here 

17. CLUB ENZO New Years Eve 2018

December 31 23:59-07:00 at Enzo Groningen
Price: €17. Get your tickets here (scroll down)

18. Roodkopje NYE 2018

December 31 23:59-06:00 at Simplon
Price: around €30, check Ticket Swap for tickets and find all info here 

19. LOFT NYE 2019 by Vera

December 31 21:00-07:00 at EM2 Groningen
Price: varies, check Ticket Swap for tickets

There you have it: the 20 best Dutch delicacies and the 19 best New Year’s Eve parties in Groningen. That should be plenty to choose from. Enjoy Christmas wherever you are, watch out of with those fireworks and see you in 2019.

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