Thursday thought

I know, it is late but bear with me, I had another thought that I need to get off my heart. 

You know how happy you are when friends pop by because they were nearby to your place? Or how happy we are when someone notices something about us that we are happy about ourselves? Or that feeling of freedom when you say something that the little voice in your head has been telling you to say, be it to express gratitude or other emotions? The enjoyment of a random stranger giving you a genuine smile? The determined look in your friends' eyes when they are attempting to do something they need to fully focus on? Or when you see someone do something that looks like it took them a lot of courage to do? The adoration for someone that seems like they are just doing what they want to do? These people that have stopped caring so they can actually deeply and genuinely care? The people that have freed themselves from what others expect of them to do what they want to do, what makes them and others around them happy? 

We are sitting on a rock that is hurtling through space. We don’t need to get a degree, we don’t need to get a job. We don’t need to change the world and we don’t need to make a lot of money. Guys, we are literally free to do anything. Don’t get me wrong we are all to some extent trapped in society's expectations but that doesn’t mean we can go to uni in a snuggie or have ice cream for breakfast. It doesn’t mean we have to work ourselves until we burn out, it doesn’t mean we can’t take the time to have fun with our friends. 

We are free to be the best person we can and by best I mean that we defend our well-being and that of others against anyone and anything that would try and take it from us. Kindness and compassion to ourselves and others goes a long way. Especially now we live in rough times so look out for each other and yourselves. Smile at little flowers on the sidewalk, bake some cookies, tell your friends how much you appreciate them, spend your energy on things that are “unproductive” but fun and most of all don’t take life too seriously, legitimately all we ever do is get born, dance a little and die, don’t be afraid to seek out happiness. 

Watch out for yourself, dear reader, we don’t get a second life, the things we regret are the things we didn’t do.

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