Hi freshers, hi older people, as you might have heard the Caerus committee fair is coming up soon, so we thought we’d give you an introduction to what the fair is, to our committees and what you can do there.

I hope you already know that the S.A. Caerus is UCG’s study association; these are the guys you did intro week with and the ones that create a big part of the community that makes UCG UCG.
Caerus has a bunch of committees and teams (14 in total) which are in the broadest sense groups of people with a common interest. These can range from travelling over cooking to sports, so there is something there for everyone, but more about this later.

The committee fair itself will be on the 22nd of September from 15.00 to 18.00 in the back of UCG. There, almost all committees will have a little stand, which you can walk up to and ask members about their committee, what they do and how to join. 

To get an overview of the committees and teams that exist at UCG here is a comprehensive list:

First, we have AEOLUS, our trip committee, (no drugs involved). This committee is all about travelling, be it to get drunk on German Christmas markets or to engage in high-paced ski races on the slopes of Sauze d'Oulx. AEOLUS also organises a yearly big trip where a limited number of people get to go to some faraway places such as Prague, Helsinki and Prague. So if travelling is your jam this is the committee to sign up for.

Next up there is CIVITAS, our social outreach committee. This committee is all about making a social impact. Their most well-known event is CiviTalk, an ongoing event where people from both UCG and outside come together to learn and teach languages and enjoy a foreign dish, the profits of which all go to a good cause. To give an impression of their effectiveness, in the years of 2018/2019 they managed to raise a whopping 500 € for the “Just a drop” foundation, which helped them provide clean water in third world countries. If being socially active and changing the world for the better resonates with you then this is the right committee for you.

Our third committee is the committee that is the most famous so far, the INTRO WEEK committee. What they do on the surface is fairly obvious, but they do much more than just organising the intro week, they are the ones that lay the first brick in the wall that is the UCG community every year. Besides this, they also help with the open days and are the ones that you will encounter first from all those at UCG. If you want to help make UCG more of a community than just a study program, this is the committee to join.

Next up we have MuCG, our music committee. You have likely already heard from them as they have been active in the chats. MuCG regularly organises musical events like their extremely well-received jam sessions, events where everyone that can and wants to may share their music with the rest of UCG. So no matter what instrument you play or songs you like to sing you will find someone to practice and to jam with. Sign up for MuCG if music is your thing.

Our fifth committee is ORBIS. A combination of academics and chill vibes, ORBIS organises lectures, screenings and discussions about the things that matter as well as the fan favourite deep talk, speed dating style deep conversations with people that you would usually never get to talk to. If you are about social awareness and academic pursuit, this is the committee to join.

Up next we have our promotional committee, PIXEL. If you are into photography then look no further than this entry and sign up for PIXEL. Most pictures you will see of events and from around UCG will have been taken by our photographers at PIXEL. Get together with likeminded people interested in photography and join PIXEL.

Our next committee is, yours truly, SLASH. SLASH is UCG’s journal committee. All matters of writing are covered here, be it essays, interviews or pieces of advice on topics such as finding a house or what to do in Groningen. If you have a passion for writing this is the committee for you. I hope to see y’all at the committee fair.

SLEEPING LASAGNAS is our cooking committee. Be it for Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day or Easter, SL will throw a feast. This committee is all about the simple joy of cooking (for other people and oneself). Whenever an event rolls around this committee gathers and cooks while more often than not chanting Queen songs in the UCG kitchen. If you already love cooking or want to get into it, SLEEPING LASAGNAS is the committee for you.

Now, what would UCG be without its parties? This is what SOC, our social-oriented committee, is for. They organise events such as the big gala, a chance to bust out your best clothes and party with all of UCG, chill & grill, where sipping a cold one with the boys and girls and having a (vegetarian) sausage is the vibe, or the Halloween party, which can get as scary as it is fun. If you enjoy organising parties and want to strengthen UCG’s community then this is the committee for you.

Our antepenultimate committee is UCGO, the sports committee. A healthy mind in a healthy body they say. Well, this is what UCGO is for between studying and exams, movement is crucial to not go insane. No matter what sports you like they will organise something that fits you. Just to give you a taste of what they do here are some past events: a trip to one of Europe’s biggest trampoline parks, a super fun day of ultimate Frisbee, the nation-wide Batavierenrace, which is followed by one of the biggest student parties in Europe and many more. If you are into sports and want to help organise sports events, this is the committee to join.

Onto the penultimate committee, the YEARBOOK committee. Every year the YEARBOOK committee creates a wonderful means of remembering the past year. Each year there is a motto, last year’s, for example, was Disney, and after everyone has been photographed and sent in their answers to several themed-questions the committee compiles everything into one lovely book. If you are interested in how this works, be sure to join this committee and help all others remember the time they had at UCG.

Last but not least there is the GREEN OFFICE. The GREEN OFFICE is focused on creating a more sustainable faculty (each faculty has a Green office). They work together with Caerus and organize events to spread awareness and involve the topic of sustainability in a fun way. If you want a hands-on approach to sustainability this is the committee for you.

Now onto the teams, of which there are two.
The first team is the CAREER team which organizes events that help people plan their careers after UCG.  Events like the recent workshop by Elizabeth Mix are an example of an event by the CAREER team and many more of the sort are planned for the future. If you wonder what you can do after UCG and want to help others figure this out too, join the CAREER team.

The second team is the LUSTRUM team. For those unaware lustrums are a very dutch thing where every five anniversary there is a celebration. The LUSTRUM team organizes events like the beer cantus and laser gaming in the UCG building; due to corona the lustrum is on hold, but the LUSTRUM team is eager to continue as soon as possible. If you like organising fun events and parties be sure to talk to the team and sign up!


So much for our little overview, if you have any questions, be sure to join the committee fair and ask any questions you might have, we are looking forward to seeing you all there!

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