If the world was a dream? If everything around you was the mere remains of a beautiful dream? That was the young girl’s conception of life. How could she know that the loneliness of her life was more real than the sweet fantasies in her head ?


So she dreamt, again. And again. She looked at the sky and created thousands of tales in her own world. She lived a thousand lives. She was a pirate, an artist, a noble woman, an astronaut, even a dragon. 

But she was never herself. 

She could no longer see the surrounding world, the murmur of people agitating around her slowly decreased with each passing season. 

She continued to dream to the point that it became her reality. Truer than the truth itself, unable to distinguish it from her own memories. 

She did not care about anything else than her dreams, they were her whole world, her everything. 

Because without her dreams she had nothing else.





The sound of the broken tap tore her away from her little world. “Mom!” she shouted angrily as she turned around. Alone, the echo of her voice in the empty house was the only sound she heard. As if she was seeing things for the first time, she walked through the room. When she arrived in the living room, she saw and she understood. 

Nothing. Her youth was gone and her precious people left her alone, to her dreams. She lost everything for the smooth comfort of vanished dreams. 


Dear readers, between life or dreams, which one would you choose?.


Welcome to SLASH 2021-2022

Welcome to SLASH 2021-2022

Dear Reader,  Welcome or welcome back to the Slash page.  You are probably here because you saw our little message in the UCG restrooms....

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