Horoscope - December

Horoscope - December

The present horoscope is based on an ancient tradition of reading toilet paper to predict the future. Predictions are proven to be completely 100%-of-the-time accurate. 



21st Mars - 20th April


Work: Aristotle said that one should be aware of their own ignorance. This month you should never overlook sound advice. 


Love: Your partner may be closer than you think. 


Other: You definitely need carrots. 


21st April - 20th May


Work: Obstacles don’t exist for you as you weave your own road forward. Have faith in yourself !


Love: It may be time for some new discoveries.


Other: Beware of spices.


21st May - 21st June


Work: One side is hypocrisy, the other is embarrassment. Think wisely before throwing the coin.


Love: Confess your love if you haven’t. Otherwise tell your partner that you love them.


Other: Take the time to sleep.



22nd June - 22nd July


Work: Life is like a pendulum swinging from boredom to despair. What a great man this Schopenhauer is.


Love: You will be surrounded in love as much as you deserve.


Other: Eat regularly ! 



23rd July - 22nd August


Work: Why work when you can have fun?  Well, you see the results… 


Love: Enjoying your sex life is good, but try not to go overboard


Other: Take care of your throat



23rd August - 22nd September


Work: Uni may seem hard for you, but you always have the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up yet !


Love: It’s time to confront what is not right in your relationship. Don’t keep suffering.


Other: You need a Teddy bear. 



23rd September - 22nd October


Work: Your work will soon get the acknowledgement it deserves. Keep your head up. 


Love: Something good is going to happen to you sooner than you may think.


Other: Don’t cut onions.



23rd October - 22nd November


Work: However shitty a situation may seem, there is still hope. Or maybe not. 


Love: You need to talk, otherwise your family / partner cannot understand you.


Other: Your lucky color is red



23rd November - 21st December


Work: This is YOUR month ! The astral odds are with you, an opportunity might arise, up to you to seize it. The same water doesn’t fall twice under a bridge. 


Love: Perhaps the desert isn’t that empty.


Other: Be careful of high places.



22nd December - 20th January


Work: Following the trend may work for some time but won’t solve your problem. Try being the Lion instead.


Love: Originality. Surprise your partner or family, and you will be suppressed in return 


Other: Bring a scarf, be wary of the cold.



21st January - 19th February


Work: You’ve already done plenty. Stop for a while, look at the sky, and just appreciate the present moment.


Love: Everything will go fine like a fish in water.


Other: Don’t forget to turn off the light.



20th February - 20th Mars


Work: Do not count your chickens before they hatch. You should finish your own work before thinking of doing more.


Love: You need to finish the present book to start a new one. It might be time to turn the page


Other: Sleep. Sleep. And even more sleep.


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