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We were in my room, trying to raise our spirits and find the will to write an article about the holidays to give you a break from the slow load of life's bullshit that has been gracing the Caerus website. Though we had high hopes, we were off to a rocky start. Two of us bailed, most of us were tired. The last thing we wanted to do was this.

Some of us tried to get the ball rolling and get the team in the holiday spirit. But once mary-jane opened her legs we were all royally fucked. As the marijuana slowly infected our cortices, we began discussing how ill-fated our attempt was and how we almost felt bad for not being able to deliver on our promise of a happy holiday article. In a way, we felt like we had let down the little child inside all of us that begs us to break rules and just have fun.


As the evening went on and the ashtray filled up, we eventually forgot about writing and started doing something better. Way better: talking shit. As we gave fewer fucks by the minute, we began chilling and just enjoying ourselves. Maybe it was just the 3 types of weed (and hash) we had been smoking. But we felt it. After we gave up on the article, I reflected on our attempts. That's what you're reading right now. 


We fell for the trap of toxic positivity that capitalism and boomers set-up for us long ago. A century of consumerism and religious propaganda has led us to believe that we have to be happy during this part of the year, even though the weather has shown to make us sadder and the sky can't seem to get a break from pissing on us everyday. Winter is kind of a sad time in general. Especially when everyone else won't shut up about how great their holiday is gonna be.


Comparison is the enemy of joy. So what if your friend is going to South America with her family and you are stuck here. Start off your holidays by trying to not give a fuck about what other people expect from you. Go do the things you like. Trust me, they will end up being fun for you, and that’s really what matters. Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted. Fuck everything and everyone. 


You do you. 

Merry Christmas. 

And a happy new year too.

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