Hello, dear readers, today we are going to take a little break from our current series and talk about the all-new /SLASH/. There are a bunch of new and old things that we want to make sure everyone knows about.

First, we have introductions from the members of 20/21s /SLASH/, so you know who to talk to if you want to get into writing:


Hey hey, this is my second year writing with and for slash, third year in UCG. We are a small, but cozy committee which tries to inform and entertain you, as well as create a sense of community- something essential, especially in times like these. I am the person who will be the first to receive your submissions, answer your emails, and decide which ask/Slash/ questions are worth posting. I myself am quite versatile, and all over the place, so expect the unexpected.


I’m not important at all. I like to write about weird shit and weird people and I promise my stories are worth reading. 


Do you want to be thrilled, to travel to unknown space, and discover new worlds? I’m a first-year student who hopes to make people dream by writing. Nice to meet you! 


Hey, I’m Alice (first-year student)! I’ve always enjoyed writing and I’m glad that there is a committee about this! I love writing stories, but I always find myself dealing only with the first chapter, so I really hope to defeat this writer’s block and find a way to finish my stories.  


Hello, I am currently in my first year and I am hoping to expand SLASH by giving it a new medium (Instagram). Hopefully, this helps the committee. Regarding my writing, some have called me “woke” but random as well. So expect that from me. 


Hi dear reader, my name is Johannes, SLASH’s old and new chair. I had re-awakened SLASH from its slumber two years ago and now it is time to do so again. Writing as well as reading are two topics I am very fond of and I hope I can share this passion with you. If you like writing, are interested in the topic, or have any questions, be sure to let us know.

Second, make sure to follow our new and very advanced form of notifying you about new stuff https://www.instagram.com/slash_ucg/  . Spread the word, and soon we will no longer have to spam the WhatsApp group chats with our new articles. 


Third, if you have any questions regarding content, featured articles, collaborations, or submissions you can email slash@caerus-ucg.com or talk to any of us in person, we don't bite (except with consent).


Fourth, if you have something you want to write about but you do not want people to know it was you, or feel like commenting or responding to an article, you can do so through this link.


Fifth, (this is getting a lot), we want to make you all aware of ask/SLASH/. Through this link, you can ask us for advice, which we are totally (not) qualified to give. Anything from relationship advice over career questions to potential Christmas gift ideas for annoying family members is valid. We are not accountable for any consequences or harm resulting from our (possibly) terrible (but heartfelt) advice. Check out what past students have asked Slash here.


Last, a little official thing from Caerus. Make sure to sign up for the online committee fair on the 18th to check out all the fun committees Caerus has. There will also be a pub quiz so make sure to check it out. For an overview of the committees, check out this article: https://www.caerus-ucg.com/29915-news/slash/committees-committees-committees 


This concludes our intermission, next week we will be back to our scheduled program. Make sure to click on some of the links and write us a bunch of things, UCG is training us all to write anyway, might as well put these skills to good use. 

If writing is not your thing do make sure to enjoy the things that have already been written here.

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