The moment we’ve all been waiting for

It’s sad. /SLASH/ actually managed to get its first ever scoop, and what happens? The website goes down. But even though it’s yesterday’s news by now, we’ll still report on it (I’m not letting all this effort go to waste).

So what’s the big news? UCG is dropping its attendance policy next block. Yes, that means you don’t have to show up to class anymore if you don’t want to.

No more of this

If you haven’t seen it yet (I know, you probably did), here’s an excerpt from the email student affairs sent out, quoting one of UCG’s directors:

“One day it hit us: it doesn’t make sense. Classes should be so interesting that students go because they want to go, not because they have to. An attendance policy contradicts that completely. Getting rid of it will incentivise teachers to create lectures worth attending. It seems obvious in hindsight, but it was hard to realise in the moment.”

The interesting thing, of course, is to see how that will actually play out. Time will tell, but we'll publish an elaborate Relevant Rambling on exactly this topic coming Wednesday. And no matter what happens, let’s enjoy this moment for as long as it’s here (I know I will).




As you might have guessed, this was an April fool's joke. Classes are still mandatory and student affairs sent out no email stating otherwise. Good thing UCG taught you some critical thinking skills.

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