Thursday Thought no.4

Thursday Thought no.4


You might have noticed the lack of a Thursday Thought last week. I fell victim to a problem as old as time: I could not bring myself to do what I had to. As a result, I had an existential crisis and questioned myself to the point where I was unable to get anything done.

But I have gotten over it and I am back on my bullshit. But there is a lesson here.

We have to understand that it is absolutely fine, even normal to have an existential crisis now and then. As bad as it is, it is also an opportunity to learn and letting it pass would be a waste. To do so we have to muster up our courage and lean into the discomfort, to try and understand why we feel like this.

If we just try to avoid it we will likely turn to distractions to numb ourselves from the feeling. This way we will likely feel better in the short-term but we miss out on the chance to grow.

By definition, in moments of existential crisis, we are stripped of all those things that we stake our identity on as everything loses value and purpose for the time being.

This is a chance to ask ourselves what matters to us because we are free from the things that we like just because we are used to them.

You might realize you are not who you thought you were, things you thought mattered don’t anymore and that is perfectly fine.

If we accept that, we get a bit closer to who we could be. We learn more about who we are underneath all preconceptions.

As Socrates put it (you might notice I like to call upon my ancient greek dudes), “The unexamined life is not worth living”.

He has a point once we start thinking about it below the surface level. If we do not deliberate on what we like and what matters to us how can we ever figure out who we are?

It is therefore crucial that we try to learn about ourselves as much as we can.

Once we start engaging with who we are, we can also gain confidence in knowing ourselves and as such become better versions of ourselves.

Therefore, the next time the occasional existential crisis comes knocking, lean into it discover who you are, and become a better self.

As always, dear readers, take care of yourselves.


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