Welcome to SLASH 2021-2022

Committee Day!!

Dear Reader, 

Welcome or welcome back to the Slash page. 

You are probably here because you saw our little message in the UCG restrooms. Hopefully you are having a pleasant time there.

We are here today to tell you why you should join Slash. Because… you guessed it; We are looking for new members! We want YOU on our team. 

What is SLASH? 


Well… Slash is Caerus’ writing committee! We are a bunch of open-minded people who write about anything and everything. You can check out our articles to get a basic idea of what we write about. If you think the topics are not enough for you. Join the team and expand our horizons. Or… you can can even write anonymously and send it us via our anonymous Google form (Link in Insta Bio)


Why should you join? 

Writing can be a freeing experience! Even if you are not the best at it. If you enjoy expressing your thoughts and writing about the things you care about, you should join our committee. 


Why should you not join? 

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New Members!!!

New Members!!!

We have new members!! Before we start off the writing year (even though we are block late, that's okay, we move...), we would love for...



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