What have daily tasks become?

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I want to bring up and discuss the fact that we have created jobs out of everyday tasks. 


 I was watching the Home Edit with my friends and one of them brought up the fact that in the past, it was expected for the caretaker of the house, mostly the mother, to organize the house. The conversation spiraled into how certain people even have people to water their house plants. Not sure if you have seen the Tiktoks of the celebrity plant waterer, who spills all the tea) 


 If you think about it, a house cleaner as a job did not exist to serve a middle income family just a few decades ago. As time goes on, more and more everyday tasks become jobs. Why is that? 


Well… the conversation led to the thought that most people have “specialized”.  Person A works in IT, they help people with their computers. Person A is so consumed by their job that they do not have time to organize their house for example, they also do not have time to clean it, if they cannot do these things, they cannot even water their plants. So Person A gets Person B, who organizes, Person C, who cleans, and Person D to water their plants. Person B, probably also hires person C and D to do tasks that they cannot do because they are too busy organizing someone’s house. Then the cycle continues. 


As a society, we have advocated for such immersion in one’s job. We are expected to give our all to our jobs, that we now need more jobs to carry out tasks that everyone did for themselves. Is this a good thing or bad thing? I want to hear your thoughts. 


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