What the Hell You can Do in Groningen

After a few weeks of school, you might be in need of a break from studying. Or, just as likely, you need a new activity to procrastinate your work with. Therefore, we are here to help you find fun activities in Groningen with a list of activities tested by yours truly. So shove those thoughts of studying out of your mind and go out to have fun instead!


1. Bouldering at Gropo

Rock climbing on low heights with a focus on problem-solving, creativity, technique and having fun. Staff at Gropo will explain the safety rules and you’re good to go!


2. Buy Pepernoten at the Pepernotenfabriek

Making good pepernoten is a hard nut to crack, but the Pepernotenfabriek has been doing it since 1880! They are the oldest and biggest producer of the Dutch snack, so go down to their shop and give it a try!


3. Groninger Museum, it’s free!

The current exposition uses lighting, fluorescence and all-around funky materials so that you can play around with the artwork. Your images will stick on walls or you can play around in a sea of fluorescent beads (super relaxing, trust me), and you won’t have to pay a dime.


4. Go out of Groningen

Groningen is obviously a biking city, but that bike of yours doesn’t have to stay in Groningen. Take those wheels, get out of the city and start exploring the Dutch landscapes, towns and villages.


5. Attend free lectures

Studium Generale (as well as other organizations, like our very own Caerus) offer guest lectures by interesting guests. This is an amazing way to learn more about topics you find interesting.


6. Go to the University Museum, a little bit of free education for students

The University Museum is a fairly small museum slightly hidden in the city center, but when you find it, it’s like finding a little treasure. The museum has expositions ranging from taxidermy animals, through the history of the earth, to a room dedicated to the history of women’s emancipation. Not only will you learn about many different topics, but you will also be inspired and entertained by the set-up of the exhibitions.


7. Visit the Petting Zoo

What better way to spend your free afternoon than by hugging goats, petting donkeys and admiring peacocks? These and other animals can be found at the Petting Zoo in the Stadspark. Even better, there’s a surprisingly fun playground opposite the petting zoo where you can let out your inner child. So collect a bunch of friends for a fun afternoon for free! 


8. Take walks through the city

A great way to get familiar with Groningen is by exploring the city. Walk through alleys, take left- and right turns at random and soon enough, you’ll know all the shortcuts through the city and all the interesting places to hang out. Even if you don’t feel like getting lost, the main streets always have something interesting to offer as well with the many different celebrations, markets and festivals going on all the time. And even if you get lost, there will always be someone that can help you out and perhaps you’ll even meet a new friend.


9.  Go to the market

The market of Groningen is usually the cheapest and best way to get some good food into your pot. Often enough you will meet fellow students looking for the best-priced food in town. The market is always on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8 to 17 o ́clock. 


10. Go to the flea market

Groningen, with all its students and alternative people, has a feeblenessfor second-hand stuff, no wonder there are flea markets happening every odd day. These are a great chance to get some cheap stuff, be it books or vinyls, paintings or clothing. Just keep an eye open when you're on your way through town or check Facebook for the next one.


11. Check out restaurants

Groningen has an unending number of different restaurants and food joints, be it high-end ones or those you end up after a drunk night out. Grab some friends and check them out and do feel free to share them so we too can enjoy some good food. Some places worth mentioning are, on the nicer side Mr. Mofongo, the fabulous and cozy Uurwerker and, on the less pricey side, Hasret.


12. Go to the park

Both Stadspark and Noorderplantsoen are great places to hang out at, especially during the summer. Grab some friends, a card games as well as some beer and maybe a blanket or two, and you’re all set for a great afternoon in the greens of Groningen. 


13. Party at Frascati

A no-brainer and already happening, but use the opportunity Frascati offers to party as hard as possible (of course respecting those in need of sleep). Never again will you live that close together with all your friends, so buckle up, strap in and get ready for some partying. 


14. Explore Van der Velde

Bookstore Van der Velde is LOADED with books of all sorts. There are two shops in Groningen, each with a nice little cafe and plenty of English books. There’s one at Grote Markt and one at Akerkhof (5 minutes walking from UCG). The perfect place to spend your Sunday morning.


15. Visit OOST

Perhaps the best club in Groningen. There is always something going on at this place during the weekend. Also check out Vera, a similar club just down the street.


16. Have fun at Concerthuis

A cool bar/cafe/restaurant where you can play tons of games for free. On Sundays, there’s also an all-you-can-eat “Brakke Brunch” to get rid of your hangover.


17. Eat at the Pancake ship

Do you like mouth-watering pancakes and also have a thing for boats? Then the Pannekoekschip Groningen is the place for you. There you can dine on a boat in the canal while also having the best pancakes in town, sweet or savory. They also serve gluten-free options and their very own delicious wine.


18. Watch something at the DOT

This spaciously designed gastrobar is a wonderful place suitable for coffee, tea, lunch, a drink or to have a delicious dinner. On the second floor is the beautiful Dome, a breathtaking film and theater hall, furnished with 234 luxury seats. Films and planetarium shows are programmed every week, both in 2D and 3D, with a high-tech 3D digital sound system and an RGB programmable lighting system, allowing you to get lost and immerse yourself in a new world.


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