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A selection of the best events happening this week and onwards


The Crisis in Venezuela

Today (March 4), 20:00-22:00, at Café De Troubadour, Peperstraat 19

Who is the president of Venezuela? For most other countries this is an easy question, google for 15 seconds and you know. But for Venezuela it isn't quite as easy. After the last elections, Maduro, the supposed winner of the elections, was accused of voter fraud and since then various countries have shown their support for Gaidó. But who is he?

Price: FREE. Find all info here


Meditation with May

Wednesday March 6, 17:00-18:00, at UCG (Classroom to be determined)

If you can’t wait the two months until it’s May, then MAY-be some Meditation with May is a good idea for you! On Wednesday, Chris May will guide you through some meditation which will take between 15 and 25 minutes, after which there will be a post-meditation discussion.

Price: FREE. Find more info and further reading here


UCG's Master Market

Wednesday March 13, 13:00 - 16:00, in Classroom Big at UCG

What do we do with our bachelor’s degree after we’ve obtained it? Where are we going next? With all academic directors and RUG faculties in one place, you will be helped to find the answers to these questions! Come by on March 13th to the Master Market!

Price: FREE. Event info here


KopjeK Idioterie Carnaval Fantastique

Friday March 8 23:00-07:00, at Oosterstraat

It’s that time of year again: CARNAVAL. Luckily, it’s not exclusive to the south of the Netherlands, ‘cause KopjeK (you know, from that infamous techno pool party) is bringing the craziness up North! Groningen’s Oosterstraat (that street with OOST and Vera) will be transformed in six different areas for a perfect night with no limits, so dress up and go crazy.

Price: €20.89. Find all info here and grab one of the few remaining tickets here


Usva jam session #21

Monday March 11 20:00-23:00, at Usva

Whaaat? Another jam session? Well yes, but this one is organised by our friends from the cultural student centre Uvsa, and you can join in! Bring your instrument (or just sit back and relax), have a cheap yet tasty craft beer and make new friends while enjoying some live music in this relaxed and carefree environment.

Price: FREE. Find all info here


ESN Pub Quiz

Tuesday March 12 20:00-23:00, at Het HeerenHuis

If you love trivia, then this is your gig: the ESN pub quiz. Test your knowledge, impress your friends and win amazing prizes (such as free pitchers of beer). So gather some fellow students, sign up and proudly prove to everyone you have the most useless knowledge. Or just attend and have a good laugh, that’s allowed too.

Price: FREE. Find all info and the sign up link through here

Art & Culture

African dance lessons with live percussion

Tuesday March 5, 21:00-22:15, at Dansstudio Tineke Rouw Oosterhuis

Issianga Soumah will start a new series of African dancing lessons accompanied with live percussion on Tuesday the 5th of March. He will start out with a trial lesson, after which there will be a workshop every week! If you were looking to take up a new interesting hobby, this Tuesday is your chance.

Price: €10, more information here.


Experience Groningen 2019: Beyond the Student Bubble

Friday March 8, 13:00-2.00, at Oosterpoort

Have you been living in Groningen for the past year but still haven't burst out of its student bubble to see what else it has to offer? Experience Groningen 2019 is the perfect opportunity for you to explore the city and province of Groningen. You tour around the city to absorb its culture, you visit famous places in the province, you even have dinner at a local's house, and you end your day with an amazing party

Price: €12, more information here


An Educational Expedition - Part 1

An Educational Expedition - Part 1

Every ship needs a captain. And every captain needs a course. Without it, the wind and waves would wash the ship from here to there,...

The second GA: “Please state your full name”

The second GA: “Please state your full name”

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