What's Happening in Groningen /Week 14

A selection of the best events happening this week and onwards



Clash Context

April 7, in various locations

To go with the Clash XXL culture events, there is also the academic background to all this. Lectures on what art does to the brain, who decides on what art is and much more. With many talks, discussions and panels, you’ll dive into what art really is.

Price: €10,99. Get your tickets here (be quick, they’re almost all sold out!). And make sure to read about the events, some are in Dutch.


‘War on Memes’

April 8, 20:00 - 22:00, Café De Troubadour, Peperstraat 19

Oh boy, who doesn’t like them? Memes. They’re everywhere and are no doubt a central part to many of our lives. Recently, the European Parliament approved a new EU Copyright Directive, which might have been the start of a War on Memes! Grab your pitchforks and come listen!

Price: FREE. Find all info here. Share that you’re going.


Arts and Culture

European Pub Quiz

April 4, 19:30-22:30, at Lust Groningen

The elections for the European Parliament are coming up. What better way is there to test your knowledge about the EU than with a pubquiz? So join the quiz and get tested on fun stuff instead of the stuff you're tested on in your exams.

Price: FREE. Find all info here.


Murakami Music Box #1 /About Music and Writing

April 3, 19:30-22:15, at Grand Theatre

Have you ever wondered what the connection is between making music and writing a book? In this event the connection between music and writing in Japanese authors is described amongst a music performance and much more.

Price: €12,50. All info and tickets here.



Bierfestival Groningen 2019

April 3-6 from 19:00-23:00, at Martinikerk

If you like craft beers, then this is your gig: Beer Festival Groningen 2019. It’s the largest beer tasting event in the Netherlands and besides tasting more than 150 different beers during this ninth edition, you can participate in masterclasses and matches.

Price: €16,09. Find info and tickets here.


Nachtcollege Groningen

April 12 23:00-05:00, at de Graanfabriek

After 6 years in Huize Maas, Nacht College (‘Night Lecture’) will go to a new location: de Graanfabriek. It’s the perfect place for a techno party, so go and experience their debut in this abandoned grain factory.

Prices: Starting at €16.50. Info and tickets can be found here.


ASTRO trip

April 12 23:30-06:00, at Hundread Sound Accompany HSA Groningen

Not much is certain for this event, but one thing can be said for sure: it’s gonna be trippy. So if that floats your boat, you know where to go.

Price: We challenge you to find prices for this gig, it’s a mystery to us (if you do find them, let us know!). (Some) info can be found here.

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