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Nov 26, 2022
Labnul 50, Boterdiep 111 9712 LM Groningen

UCSRN Spotlight


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Hello! Welcome to the first  "UCSRN Spotlight" ever held in Groningen. We as a team have organised a full day and possibly also a weekend for you, and are very excited to have you in this beautiful and lively city.
On this occasion, you will be able to show your talents to all the members of our network. The four categories we have thought of are the following: music, singing, dancing, and comedy, however, if your talent does not fit in any of them, you do not have to worry, we will make it work. 

Spotlight is the event we’ve all been waiting for, and organizing it practically is key to its smooth running. You are welcome to arrive in Groningen on Saturday the 26th from 10 am onwards, but the main event will start at 16. Also, as we are trying to be a greener university, we strongly ask you to bring a reusable cup for your drinks at the eventBetween 10-16, you will have the opportunity to visit our College and eat some nice food prepared by our cooking committee (12-14), as well as rehearse for your performance (12-14:30) or simply enjoy the city. Starting from 15 you are welcome to come to the venue "Labnul 50" where some drinks and music will be waiting for you, all accompanied by nice music played by a DJ. Then from 16- 20, our talents will have the time to perform and by 20:30 we will declare the winner!

After the prize ceremony,  drinks and music will still be available. We encourage you to explore student life with your host or friends after the event to get the most out of this trip to the most beautiful city in the North. But you can also get some well-deserved rest to be fresh for the trip back home the next day. 


For a lot of people, travelling to Groningen seems like a very big step. But it is less far away than it seems. Dutch trains can be very expensive, but there are a lot of cheap options for travelling to Groningen. 

For example:

  • Group tickets are only 12 euros back and forth to Groningen from anywhere in the Netherlands when travelling with 7 people. 

  • Dutch people can travel for free and take others with 40% discount

  • Monthly weekend ticket from NS costs 30 euros per month and allows you to travel for free on the weekends and with a 40% discount during the weekdays 




10:00 - 16:00 students have time to come to Groningen and get welcomed by their hosts in case they have one

12:00 - 14:00 walkthrough UCG's building, where our cooking committee will be selling some lunch

12:00 - 14:30 performers can rehearse if they like or have a look at the venue ( there will be a room for them to change and get ready as well)

15:00 walk-in begins (music and drinks)

16:00 beginning of the event

20:00 ending of the performances

20:30 prize ceremony

21:00 - 22:00 walk out, people are then free to spend the night as they please or go back home




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