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27 Jan 2023 20:00 - 5 Feb 2023 08:00

Ski trip

Dear avid skiers + snowboarders,

Now that the first snow has fallen already in the Alps, it is time for us to hit the slopes. The Aeolus travel committee has been working hard and the Caerus ski trip is finally happening again this year! We apologise for the longer than expected waiting period, however we have tried to take into account everyone's expectations while keeping the price low.

Mark your calendars: In the reading week after block 2, we are going to Valfrejus, France. We will leave on the 27-01-2023 in the late evening (at around 8 pm) and shall return on the 05-02-2023 in the early morning.

Sign-ups will start from Thursday onwards. We only have 24 spots available, and it's first come, first serve, so better be quick!

We are aware that joining this trip is quite a financial commitment, therefore we would like to provide you with an outline including all things to consider and additional costs. PLEASE read through everything carefully and thoroughly, so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Now, let's get onto all the things you need to know:


Due to inflation, rising energy costs, and the fact that skiing is quite a pricey sport, this trip is definitely not dirt cheap. In the final price of 580 Euros, a 6-day ski pass, accommodation, and transportation are included. This price also includes the deposits and a contingency. So if everything goes well, you will get up to 100 Euros back!

Given the ridiculous transportation prices, we decided to rent vans and drive south by ourselves, to keep it affordable. Therefore, we need people who are able, willing, and comfortable with driving a van that seats 9 people. If you sign up as a driver, you will get priority!

Note that this final price does not include food so that each of you has more control over their budget and the financial freedom to decide how much they would like to spend! We booked apartments equipped with kitchens so you can cook for yourself or eat out, whatever your heart desires.


If you are planning on participating, we highly encourage you to bring your own gear to Groningen after winter break or borrow it from friends/family. This will allow you to save on rental costs. If this is not a possibility for you, you also have the option of renting it for a surcharge of 65 or 85 Euros, depending on the set you choose.

Keep in mind that rentable gear only includes skis+sticks/ snowboard and shoes, but you will need to bring your own helmet, goggles, and appropriate ski clothes (Thermo underwear, ski socks, as well as snow pants and jacket).

For all bloody beginners: It is possible to take group lessons on-site, and we will guide you in arranging that. Please note that this will mean additional costs (130+ Euros) - We would like to remind you that although these expenses add up quite quickly, all costs listed cover an entire week of fun in the snow, and investing in a new skill is worth it!

One more note about this: We highly advise you to already check that you have appropriate insurance that also covers winter sports. We are talking about accident insurance in case of an injury, global health insurance in case you get sick, and liability protection in case you injure someone else or break their gear. This is not a prerequisite to join, but we highly advise you to check that just to be prepared!


We have settled on location in southeastern France, with group accommodations at the corresponding resort - so you can roll out of bed and onto the slopes;) Each 6-person apartment is equipped with a kitchen and several bedrooms, and a living room. Even better than Frascati! Note that we will need to bring our own bedsheets and towels, but if your bags are already full, you can also rent them on-site for additional fees.

There were some slight changes, and the ski area we are going to now is Valfréjus. The ski pass includes other ski resorts as well, so more than 130 exciting kilometers of slopes are waiting for us.


Sign-ups are open to all years! There will be no priority, only for drivers. Our policy is first come, first serve. PLEASE note that this is a definite sign-up where you are asked to pay the full amount right away. There is no option of cancellation with reimbursement from your side. If, for any reason, you are not able to join anymore, the costs incurred must be borne by yourself, your travel cancellation insurance - if applicable -  or you find someone to take your spot.

Thanks for reading through this whole lot of information. We just wanted to be clear and transparent about what you are getting yourself into.

Thanks so much for everyone's patience, and we are truly excited to go skiing with you this winter,





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