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Board 2020-2021
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Jun 16, 2021 14:00 - 22:00
Cantina Mexicana Vismarkt

On the 16th of June Caerus will have its' very own Roof Terrace!!

You are welcome at Cantina Mexicana on the Vismarkt to come and have a drink, snack and even a bite! We start at 14.00 and from then on you can stick around as long as you'd like! When signing up for the event you get three drinks for just 5 euros, an amazing deal! Also, snacks will be cheaper and if you do stay around for a bite to eat there will also be a discount on that. 

Cantina Mexicana has been great and granted us 60 places on their roof terrace. We are very grateful but as the corona crisis is still around we need to state some rules so everything will go smoothly. So, when you walk into the restaurant you have to wear a face mask. The same goes for when you go to the toilet. There will be tables for four people, please stay seated in that way and don't go moving chairs and tables. We will do musical chairs about every hour so you can chat with everyone! And last rule, have fun!!

During the event, we will work with coins. This means that if you want more than three drinks, you can buy them now during the sign-up process or on the day itself by going to one of the Caerus Board members and pay by card to receive the coins. These coins are used for the drinks, you can choose from beer, wine, rose, and non-alcoholic drinks. There will also be a 'borrelkaart' to buy some snacks while having a drink!

Sign-ups will be open till Sunday midnight!

If it turns out not to be good weather next Wednesday, we can host everyone inside as well. So do not worry, the event will happen!

We are really looking forward to this event because it will be the biggest physical event we will have organised this year. It has been crazy but let's have fun now we can again!


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