Falling Walls

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Board 2019-2020
Jun 17, 2020

Falling Walls

In collaboration with the Honours College and University of Groningen Centre of Entrepreneurship, a team are organizing a semi-final competition for the Falling Walls event that happens in Berlin every year. The motto of the event is "Breaking the Walls" and its aim is to share ideas that have the potential of changing the world as we know it. We aim to have either individual students or teams of students represented by one student, where all levels of studying are included: Bachelors, Masters or PhDs. They would have to pitch their idea(s) in 3 minutes. They have to clearly outline the problem they tackle and the solution they offer. Our competition is for the people from any field. We are planning to invite a wide variety of participants, from computer scientists to climate change researchers to physicists and astronomers. The top three people will win prizes, and person that gives the best pitch will then go to Berlin, to share their ideas with the world. 

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Application deadline is 3rd June.

Apply here: https://falling-walls.com/lab/apply/groningen-online-lab/