Read with us during the Holidays!

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Board 2022-2023
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22 Dec 2022 09:00 - 7 Feb 2023 17:00

Read with us during the Holidays!

Part memoir, part commentary on masculinity, Raven Smith's Men isn't so much for men, as about them. Raven has been trying to distill what it is about men that has kept him intrigued his whole life. It boils down to three things. Firstly, he loves them. Secondly, he can see how endlessly problematic they are. Thirdly, both these things converge in his own sense of self and his own masculinity.

This book is about men because, in an annoying way, everything is. We live in a patriarchy, but Raven has no agenda or vendetta. This book is his noticing of particular dynamics, a cautious reverence of a life lived in parallel with other men, observing masculinity's odd amorphous boundaries. He's both curious and terrified of his own participation in the great male privilege and while this book will not shy away from difficult truths, it will also make you laugh an enormous amount! 


Hello everyone,

Let's all read Raven Smith's novel this Christmas break if these short lines have managed to grab your attention! 

As a Board, we propose to you this book, which we will discuss later in the month of January!

Hope you enjoy the proposed piece. Leave your suggestions in the comments for the next ones.


Enjoy your break,

the Board ❤


THE BOOK:click here




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