Spotlight (trip to Amsterdam)


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Nov 27, 2021 09:50 - 22:15
Groningen Station

Spotlight (trip to Amsterdam)

Greetings one and all! As you may know, UCSRN is hosting Spotlight in Amsterdam at Cafe Oerknal on 27 of November at 14:20.

We as Caerus wants to be a participate! Thus we are organising a travel planning for those who've bought a ticket for Spotlight. Because this is a UCSRN event, the travel costs to Amsterdam will reimbusioned afterwards by UCSRN themself, making it so we as Caerus members (with or without OV-card) only need to pay to watch the show ;D

Want to go to Amsterdam for a day? Here's what you got to do:

  1. Before the end of 21 November: Go to and buy a ticket to watch the Spotlight event (€4,75).
    • or, before the end of 22 November: Go to and sign up as a performer (as long as you perform the event itself is free).
  2. Subscribe yourself to this Caerus website event, thus we know how many people are going and can calculate what group ticket to buy (the travel costs are only reimbursed afterwards by UCSRN if we buy the cheapest form of travel to Amsterdam, aka the cheapest train group ticket).
  3. Later you will be emailed a whatsapp group chat link so we have the most effective way of communicating on 27 November and to settle on the group ticket.
  4. Enjoy the Spotlight performances :D


A small preview of the travel plan ;)

  • 10.18 departure from Groningen Station

  • 12.40 arrival at Amsterdam Science Park

  • Lunch + explore Amsterdam

------ Spotlight event from 14.20 to 18.00 -------

  • Dinner + explore Amsterdam

  • 20.01 departure from Amsterdam Science park

  • 22.12 arrival at Groningen Station



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