The idea to set up Caerus emerged during the introduction week of the Class of 2017, the first class of UCG. Charlotte Hoekstra, a former employee at UCG, was giving a talk about the possibilities of student involvement within the college, and suggested to set up a study association. Charlotte herself was a part of the first class of University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, so she understood the challenges and opportunities of being a student at a brand new UC. After her encouragement, the Class of 2017 elected a Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer amongst themselves that would become the founding board of the study association. 

The naming of the association happened democratically: everybody was free to send in names, and you could vote on whichever name you wanted. Amongst the options were Vesta and Horizon, but in the end Caerus came out on top. Caerus is the Greek god of luck, opportunity, and favorable moments. These are three things that the study association should provide to UCG students. With this in mind, the founding board worked hard and signed the Caerus statutes on 19 February 2015, marking the official start of Caerus. Every board that has come after them still strives to provide luck, opportunities, and favorable moments to all Caerus members.

//Cyntha Wieringa (founding board secretary, first board chair)