The Lustrum Committee is a unique committee, that will only appear once every five years. A Lustrum is a five year anniversary  of an association, and as you may have guessed, Caerus is turning 5 this year!

To keep up with the Dutch tradition, the Lustrum team decided on a theme for Caerus birthday: Tiptoeing into the future. Caerus is the Greek God of luck, opportunity, and favorable moments, and he stands on his tiptoes because he is always running. This theme represents our study association as we have managed to grow stronger these past five years, despite the uncertainty. 

We, as the Lustrum team, hope to throw Caerus the birthday it deserves! We will organize different events throughout the years, from collaborations with different study associations to parties, there will be a lot surprises and fun! We are as excited as you to make the Caerus' first Lustrum memorable! 

We advise you to keep an eye on the Caerus website to be aware of all our events. 

See you soon at one of our events, 

//Lustrum Team

Lustrum Team 2019-2020

Team members: 

Chair: Jelle van der Schaaf 

Secretary: Eva Douglas

Treasurer: Bart Swinkels

Other committee members: 

Marie Wessling

Ilse Venema

Quirine Cordia

Birgit Eggink 


Lustrum logo
Logo of Caerus's first lustrum (March 2020)