The Shortlist

For some time now, we have been searching for ways to expand Caerus’ network and its sponsor partners. While doing so, an opportunity came to our attention. This opportunity was called “The Shortlist”, a new and innovative online platform that facilitates the connection between study associations and interested companies. It’s an online market place where we, as Caerus, can search for companies that fit our talented members, and vice versa. As a member of Caerus, you can sign up which enables you to create a personalized Shortlist profile, that will function as your online CV. Through your profile, relevant companies that Caerus has connected with, can view your profile and see what you’re looking for; a traineeship, an internship, part-time job, full-time job etc. In this way, we want to encourage you to start looking at your life after UCG, and Shortlist facilitates the way to do so. An additional benefit is that with every connection that is made between Caerus and a company, the companies pay a fee to us, in order to access our member group. 

Sign up for shortlist with this link:

If you have any questions regarding Shortlist, do not hesitate and contact Eva, our external affairs officer, at