UCG's Career Events

Master Market

12.02.2020 afternoon (concrete time will be announced soon)
Organized by UCG

To get informed about future possible academic paths at the RUG, UCG organizes its second Master Market. The RUG’s faculties will present their master programs and UCG’s Academic Directors will be there as well, to provide answers to your questions that concern the link between your individual Liberal Arts and Sciences degrees and a respective master programme.

This is your chance to get answers to all questions concerning master programmes!
Please inform yourself beforehand about masters you might be interested in, the more questions you have for the faculties, the more personal benefit this event is going to have.

STARR Training 

13.05.2020 15:00-17:00
Offered by De Kleine Consultant (https://www.dekleineconsultant.nl/)

An important factor in any successful application is a strong motivation that is well-communicated. This training teaches you how you can best answer uncomfortable job interview questions built using the STARR method (situation-task-action-result-reflection). Whatever career you are planning to pursue, this is really helpful for any of your future paths!