The primary purpose of this committee will be to encourage and foster a rich culture and interest in performing arts at University College Groningen. There is no denying that UCG is a community of diverse individuals and by opening the door to a more artistic foundation we’ll allow our creative community to grow. We will set up two shows per year, one in the winter period and the next in the summer period to show the work of the students. We will work with auditions and plays/shows of different genres to test our abilities. In the time frame of the rehearsals we will set up optional workshops to enhance the theatre skills of individuals. We will also promote and plan outings to upcoming theatre shows in the city. We’re a growing committee and are open to new ideas.


Committee Members

Chair: Fenne Bagust (

Secretary: Jennifer Putensen 

Treasurer: Sushane Gupta

Deborah Fidder

Greg Charitonos

Pia Tietjen

Ieva Videikaite

Jeanne Michielin 

Lote Leimane 

Victoria Otter