Civitas, the social outreach committee, organizes events to raise funds and spread awareness about marginalized communities all over the world.

In 2018/19 we collaborated with ‘Just a Drop’ which is an internationally recognized Charity based in the UK. This organization has supported several countries with providing sustainable safe water solutions, sanitation facilities, and education on hygiene practices. We raised and donated nearly 500 euros for their cause!

Besides repeating successful events from previous years like the flea market, the pop-up cafe, or Secret Santa. For the academic year of 2019/20, we started a new project: The ‘Civitas’ Language cafe: Civitalk’! 

At Civitalk, both students and guests from outside UCG have the chance to teach or learn the language of their choice and participate in a delicious lunch afterward. Due to the Corona Crisis Civitalk, unfortunately, cannot take place. But, we started an add-on to the Language Café, the Language Buddy Programme. People that want to learn/teach a language sign up and we pair them up according to the language they want to teach and/or learn. This has turned out to be a great project to have to go on during the Corona crisis since people can simply have one-on-one (online) sessions. 

The profit of this new event will go to the charity ‘For Iron I gave gold’, a charity that fights child labor in goldmines in Tanzania.

Participating in a committee like Civitas can open many pathways for you: whilst bringing your creative ideas of fundraising to life, it offers a lot of interaction with fellow students as well as other non-profit organizations outside of the university. Additionally, members gain insight into the organizational structures of professional charities and NGO's.

Our main goal is to offer a platform for action to those students who want to help tackle global challenges and help the communities impacted by them.

If you want to become involved, join us!

Civitas logo

Committee Members:

Chair: Si-Jin van de Vorst

Secretary: Floor de Boer

Treasurer: Brenda Langevoort

Other committee members: 

Mira Soederhuizen

Eva Dryden

Lorena Mezei 

Mieri Kiuchi 

Evie Prokesh

So far, Civitas' has been succesfully fundraising for the following organisations:

October 2017: In support of the people affected by Hurricane Irma, Civitas donted 240 Euros to the Dutch Red Cross.

December 2017: To provide children of low-income families with Christmas gifts, Civitas donated 180 Euros to the Children of the Foodbank.

June 2018: In contribution to sustainable sanitation projects worldwide, Civitas donated  more than 500 Euros to our partner organisation Just a Drop.