The Music Committee offers a platform for students at UCG to get together and enjoy playing tunes. We organise regular jam sessions for everyone interested in good vibes to join. No matter whether you want to just come and listen, or perhaps show off your sound, come to check us out!

Committee Members:

Chair: Marleen Reudink

Secretary: Lise Oldenziel

Treasurer: Ece Aydin

Logistics: Siebern Kuitert 

PR Manager: Annabelle Hicks

Creative Director: Melissa Sugartia

Other committee members: 

Claudio Cacciavillani 

Johannes Hütten

Vera Santing

Eline Huberts

Other committee members(continued): 

Roel Hoed

Peter Goedde

Marta Fiori

Lotta Stokke 

Joana Fernandes

Elias Outila

Anton Schwenzer

Bethany Wong

MuCG Committee 2019-2020