We are /SLASH/ Caerus’s writing committee! We are a bunch of open-minded people who write about anything and everything. We also try our best to reflect the things that are happening with the UCG committee, be it in the minds of its members. You don’t need to be a SLASH member to write SLASH articles. You can send us your articles through our anonymous submission systems. You can also send us your questions and we will answer them in our ASK SLASH.

For the upcoming academic year 2021-22 we have an ambitious agenda. 

We'd like to amongst many ideas: 

- Post weekly articles 

- Expand our reach through collaborations with other committees 

- Become more creative and be open to other ways of expression such as graphics, etc. and other spots of creative expressions such as common areas in UCG. 

If this sounds fun, join us! 


The picture below is not us, we are waiting for new members to take a new one!!

Slash Logo

Committee Members:

Chair: Marianne Slavenburg


Secretary: Alice Michelli 

Treasurer: Pending

Other committee members:



/SLASH/ Committee 2019-2020