Sleeping Lasagna's

The legend tells us that a long, long time ago, a lasagna was sleeping in the UCG fridge. In the spirit of this magic lasagna, a cooking committee was founded. To always remember the myth of the lasagna, this committee gathers the UCG community together for great meals and creates a cosy atmosphere. 

Committee Members:

Chair: Le hai Thao

Secretary: Lianne Haak

Treasurer: Marije Punter

Other committee members:

Fenne Bagust

Claudio Cacciavillani

Celine Schaus

Bart Swinkels

Mathilde Blondet 

Johannes Meyer 

Kate Wörwag 

Julia Prioto Ruiz 

Anja Ní Chúin 

Milou Vlaskamp 

Naomi Adewusi 

Jesse Hoiting 

Eleni Syriopoulos 

Hannah Jelkmann 

Zack Langridge

Sleeping Lasagnas Committee 2019-2020