The Lustrum Committee is a unique committee, that will only appear once every five years. You see, a Lustrum is the 5-year anniversary of an association, and as you may have guessed, Caerus is turning 5 this year! This means the Lustrum Committee will appear out of thin air (with your help), existing of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students, as well as being in close contact with the Caerus Board. 

What we do to celebrate our little birthday is largely up to the committee! If you would like to help throw the sickest party UCG has ever seen, or if you would like to let your dream guest speaker come out to UCG to speak, join the committee and see what you can think of together. Work together with the board and perhaps other committee's to celebrate Caerus, our community, our traditions and our history! 

Join this unique committee today, because before you know it, it will have dissapeared, not to be seen for another 5 years!

Questions? Email the Board Representative on the Committee, Sara Rommes at

Team members: 

Chair: Jelle van der Schaaf 

Secretary: Eva Douglas

Treasurer: Bart Swinkels

Other committee members: 

Thea Steder

Marie Wessling

Elisabeth de Warren

Lustrum Team 2019-2020