Board Candidates 2018-2019

Dear Caerus members,

We are happy to present you the six candidates that are now running to be in the Caerus board next year. Via this email we would like to introduce them to you through the recommendations the election committee wrote based on their interviews:


Chair: Sush Gupta

From Sush’s interview, it was clear that he has the credentials and the leadership experiences to act as the face of CAERUS. He clearly has a strong vision for CAERUS and is ready to collaborate with others. We believe his fellow Board members will learn a lot from him, and him likewise from them. We were pleased to hear that Sush wants CAERUS to become such an integral part of the UCG experience, as it has been for many others. Moreover, he is ready to face conflict head on and use dialogue as his main form of conflict resolution. His assertive personality though at times potentially challenging for others, will be an asset to the team especially given that he is ready to re-evaluate his own position and priorities in order to alleviate any tensions and support the team.  


Treasurer: Bart Swinkels

In his interview, it is clear that Bart is committed to CAERUS and is dedicated to strengthening its position in UCG as a future Board member. We were pleased to hear that Bart  is willing and happy to carry responsibility for CAERUS and ensure that it is a stable and financially healthy association. Bart also stated that he prefers to work from a background position and are willing to do the important grunt work that may be invisible to other members. 


Secretary: Merethe Blandhol

In Merethe’s interview, we got the strong impression that she is well-prepared and well suited to be a member of the CAERUS board. Her experience, and personal reflection on those experiences makes her a mature, self-aware individual who is aware of her own competences and limits. This is a very strong asset. She also stated that she is more reserved and would like to expand CAERUS more from drinking-oriented social events to a more inclusive and diverse association, which will strengthen its position in the lives of UCG students. We also believe that given her organisational background and extensive professional experience, she will be able to steer the direction of the Board and collaborate well with her Board-team. 


Committee Affairs Officer: Merle Jürgens

We were incredibly pleased with Merle’s interview, her ambitious, honest and active personality will be a great asset to any team she works on and we hope you trust our recommendations and join the CAERUS board. It is clear from her interview, that she is experienced in organisation, well-versed in the matters of CAERUS and is ready to learn on the job. Moreover, she is reflective of her own experiences with stress and will be a role model in helping others manage their time and energy in a healthy way. Merle’s emphasis on stability within CAERUS rather than extensive innovation is one that suits the visions of the other applicants and we are looking forward to their collaboration. Her experience with CAERUS committees, specifically, will ensure that others feel comfortable with her leadership. 


Committee Affairs Officers/USCRN Representative: Annina Junnonen

Annina, is an outspoken and social person and is clearly ready to put her vision to use in a professional setting. She has a strong sense of self and is ready to learn on the job as well as learn from her co-Board members. Her enthusiasm for CAERUS as well as for the collaboration with other UC's makes her a perfect candidate. We are looking forward to her innovation and persistence in this position.


External Affairs Officer: Torge Hilken

In his interview, it was clear that Torge is willing to commit to CAERUS and is ready to tackle the grunt work, that will ultimately considerably benefit the association. His business acumen and ambitious personality will serve him well in the CAERUS Board. Torge also expressed an interest in communicating with external businesses and other associations and his vision for CAERUS is centred around making it more professional and academically oriented, in addition to the variety of social events. Torge also stated we should learn more from one another, both within the Association and in collaboration with other more established ones. We believe Torge can significantly contribute to the upcoming Board in that he has professional experience and is confident in his abilities.


Upcoming Friday, May 18th, all Caerus members are urged to anonymously vote for each position. You can either vote in favour or against a person on a specific position, or you can abstain. The voting will take place in the UCG canteen.

Upcoming Thursday, May 17th, is election night. During this night you will receive information on the motivation of all candidates via Whatsapp, Facebook and/or e-mail.


Best wishes,

On behalf of the Caerus Board and the Election Committee,


Elise de Boer



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