External connections


UCSRN stands for University College Student Representatives Netherlands. This is the superordinate platform for study associations of University Colleges in the Netherlands. The main aim of the organization is to promote academic and social interactions between the different UC’s, as well as to represent all UC students on a national level.

UCSRN has two main events that take place every year: the performing arts event Spotlight in February (29 February 2020), and the inter-UC sports and talent Tournament in April (18 April 2020).

The eight UC’s that are a member of UCSRN are AUC, LUC, UCM, UCU, EUC, UCT, UCR, TUC and UCG. For more information about UCSRN click here.



SIB is an international Dutch United Nations Student Association. SIB organizes lectures and international trips to their focus. We are in the process of organizing events together with SIB, stay tuned to find out more!



HCSA stands for the Honours College Study Association. This is the association for students who follow classes at the Honours College. Both Caerus and HCSA members have spread out interests in many different disciplines, and Caerus and HCSA also have shared members. Furthermore, we both have our first lustrum in the coming year, which means we exist for 5 years!

The 17th of December, we will organize a Christmas Market at UCG, together with HCSA. More details about this will follow.