ICCO Latin-America: junior data-scientist


ICCO Latin-America is searching for a junior data-scientist! 

The position: 

Junior Data-scientist for ICCO in Latin-America: hubs in Managua, Bogotá, La Paz Data generation for communication, reporting, fundraising and internal decision-making 

ICCO Cooperation: 

ICCO Cooperation is a global, non-governmental organization. We work towards a world in which people can live in dignity and well-being, a world without poverty and injustice. Our three goals are Food and Nutrition Security, Economic Empowerment and Resilient and Disaster-Prepared Communities. 


  • Data-scientist in the whole data-chain
    • Planning & Collection 
      • Data collection tools, training, contact with interviewers / partners, privacy of data
    • Processing & Analysis 
      • Cleaning, analysis, search results and impact
    • Communication 
      • Infographics, dashboards, reporting
  • Contribute to digitalize the organization
  • Socio-economic projects 
    • Link with rural and small enterprises for young people
  • Mix between technical and social work and skills
  • Experience abroad in an international organization
  • Work on regional (LA) and global level 
    • Brainstorm to make the organization data-literate
  • Team offers room for new ideas
  • Economic support for the travel to Latin-America and “board and lodging” (kost en inwoning)


  • (Basic) Spanish-speaking
  • Data-oriented
  • Technical skills 
    • XLSForm, Excel, Dashboarding and Data Visualization Tools
  • Soft skills 
    • Explain data, Presentation, Trainings, Optimism, Teamwork 

More information: 

Write to s.berendschot@icco.nl