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It’s the Monday morning of the last week of November, Brexit is real now and we finally got settled into the new block. That means there is some room for some fun, interesting and exciting events. In the coming weeks you can enjoy various activities within UCG as well as outside it, ranging from Running Dinners to World Press Photo exhibitions, and from Kung Fu class to pub crawls. It’s all here, and everything in between. Make sure to sign up for whichever event suits your fancy.


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Art & Culture



Education, Mind Standardization?

November 27, 20:00-22:00 in the Academy Building

Standardization on what students should know and be able to do on completing their education supports a level of equity, but it restrains personalized goals, paths, and pace. Can diversity and standardization co-exist in education?

This debate will bring together two teams composed of RUG staff members (including Tjeerd Andringa) and students on the statement: Increasing standardization in our education system undermines diversity.


Price: free, get your tickets here


Screening of the Documentary ‘Verdacht’

November 27, 17:30-21:00 in the Lecture Hall at UCG

"What effect does it have on you if you are regularly stopped by the police because of the colour of your skin? Dutch people of colour describe their bizarre experiences on camera in this new documentary. The impact of this ethnic profiling is massive, because it hits home and undermines faith in the police: this alienation doesn’t only affect them, but all of us."


Price: free, more information here


Supermassive Black Holes: The Ultimate Galaxy Killers?

November 29, 20:00-21:30 in the Academy Building

Phenomena on earth can be dazzling at times, but the universe is a whole other dimension. In this lecture, Rebecca Smethurst will tell you about the conflict in astrophysical research between the actual observations in the Universe and the current best models of this Universe that researchers are working with. In particular, she will highlight the work being done by the MaNGA survey team that is trying to solve this conflict by attempting to map the insides of over 10,000 galaxies!

Price: free, get your tickets here


Running Dinner

December 3, 18:30-00:00 at 2nd & 3rd year UCG students' houses

If you don’t know what a Running Dinner is supposed to entail, the concept is simple: with your group of first year students you eat a course at a house of a second or third year UCG student, and when you’re done, you go to the next house. In the end, you have met your experienced fellow students, you have seen how they live, and you will have a three course meal in your stomach. You don’t have to lift a finger to get food on the table, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get out of Frascati for an original night of munching and mingling with students you might not even have met yet. Sounds a lot like an offer you can’t refuse. You have to eat dinner anyway, why not have a running one?


Price: €6, sign up here


Sinterklaas Pub Crawl

December 5, 21:00-00:00 at Peperstraat, Groningen

The day of all days is almost here: December 5th, the day when Sinterklaas (Santa, but better) celebrates his birthday by giving everybody presents, chocolate and pepernoten (if you don’t what that is by now, shame on you). Well, as it turns out, he is not leaving it at that this year. The Saint has decided to march into Groningen afterwards and organise a pub crawl, showing ESN what the best bars in the city really are. What a legend. The man has made the pub crawl free for all and he has even promised special deals in some select bars. As he still has so many gifts to wrap, he hasn’t had time yet to think of an exact meeting time and location, but stay tuned for specifics.


Price: free, keep an eye on this page


HomOOST - Queer Night w/ Lauren Hansom and more

December 7, 23:59-06:00 at OOST

OOST is organising yet another edition of HomOOST, a place where the extravagant, the open minded and the sexy are in the spotlights. It's especially made for the queer community, but don’t get scared yet, the event is open for everybody who respects same sex lovers. And who doesn’t nowadays? This is going to be one of those intimate nights at cosy OOST we all know and love, but with a special tint. So if, for one time, you just don’t want to spend your Friday night doing too many shots in Sunny Beach, then this is the place to be. Look ready to love (as OOST puts it) and make it a memorable night, dancing until dawn to the funk and disco that goes so underappreciated.

Price: €7, doorsale only. More info can be found here


Kung Fu Class

November 29, 19:00-20:00 in Classroom 004 at UCG

We bring to you: Kung Fu Classes! In these classes you will learn the ins and outs of this martial art. Joran and his assistant will teach you the about the strength your own body has and will help you develop control, strength and endurance, both physically as well as mentally. In Jorans own words: "In my Kung Fu lessons I focus the attention on knowledge and effectiveness. I find the combination of traditional Kung Fu and the realistic side of street fighting very important. Furthermore, I believe your mental state to be very important in Kung Fu. Kung Fu is a tool to use in many aspects of life. My goal is to make people stronger, faster and more agile, both physically and mentally, with humour and patience." The event is open for all. Caerus members will have to pay €2 euros for each class, non-Caerus members and Staff members pay €3 per class. The classes will be held every Thursday of block 2 in Classroom 004 from 19.00 to 20.00. Make sure to inform anyone who might be interested in these. See you there!

Price: €2, sign up here


Ice Skating with HCSA

November 27, 10:00-22:00 at Sport Centre Kardinge

Can’t wait to experience what a real dutch winter feels like? Go ice skating! The Activities Committee is organizing an ice skating-session on the 27th of November. Be sure to join for some slippery fun at the Kardinge Sportcentrum for only €5 for HCSA members. We’ll meet there at 8 PM. Skating starts at 8:15 PM. Feel free to join us for a cup of hot chocolate afterwards 😉. Non-HCSA members are also more than welcome to join!

No skates? No problem! You can rent ice skates at the sportcenter in Kardinge for 6 euros.


Price: €7 for non-HCSA members, for more info check this. To sign up, go here.


Ice Hockey Groningen vs. The Hague

December 1, 20:30 at Ice Hall in Sport Centre Kardinge

It’s December and thus we can confidently say it’s winter. With winter comes ice, and if you’re in the Netherlands, ice comes with ice skating. Even though Ice Hockey is a relatively small sport in the Netherlands, the top level championships are no easy games. If you want to see some real action, come visit this fast paced game between GIJS Groningen and HIJS HOKIJ the Hague!


Price: €7,50, doorsale for tickets. More information can be found here (in Dutch, sorry)

Art & Culture

INSPIRE (by the Shame Project)

November 28, 18:30 - 20:30 in the Study Landscape

The Shame Project is a 3rd year project run by UCG students to raise awareness for mental health among students in the Netherlands. After a successful event last year, they have planned four new events, the first of which will be November 28. This event will be centred around speakers sharing their stories. All you have to do is sit back and listen, while being served snacks and drinks by CIVITAS. The proceedings of the event will be donated to Mental Health Europe.


Price: Free, for more info check this page


Harry Potter: A History of Witchcraft and Wizardry

November 28, 20:00 - 22:00, at Nieuwe Kerk, Nieuwe Kerkhof 1

Are you interested in Harry Potter and do you want to know more about the origins of the magical world? Then this lecture is for you. Hetty Zock, a professor of the University of Groningen will tell you all about the history of the sorcerer's stone, the subjects taught at Hogwarts and the traditions and folklore behind the Harry Potter stories.


Price: Free, for more info check this page


World Press Photo Exhibition 2018: Groningen, the Netherlands

Every day till December 2, at Folkingestraat Synagoge

The world’s most prestigious non-fiction photo contest is exhibiting its 61st annual edition in Groningen. Winners were chosen by an independent jury that reviewed more than 73,000 photographs entered by 4,548 photographers from 125 countries. Visit the World Press Photo Exhibition 2018 on its world-wide tour showcasing the stories that matter with photography from the annual World Press Photo contest.


Price: €6, get your tickets through here

There you go, some lovely events coming up. We'll leave it at this for this week. Hope to see you next week! Adiós!



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