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December is finally here, and Groningen is not sitting on its laurels waiting for Christmas. Which mean this post is packed, as every Monday, with events that are taking over the city in the upcoming two weeks. Yes, the upcoming two weeks, so you can responsibly plan ahead without making a mess of your life. This fortnight you can once again enjoy academic, social, athletic and artistic events within UCG as well as outside it, ranging from pub crawls to photography events, and from kung fu classes to lectures on the power of social media. All that jazz, and everything in between. So get ready, and as always: save the dates, sign up and don’t miss out.


To make your life easier, here are some quick links:




Art & Culture


Dutch Global Health Film Festival

December 9, 14:30 - 21:30 at The Student Hotel, Boterdiep 9

This film festival aims to bring people with either a general or professional interest in global health together to think, discuss and debate about global health related issues. During this afternoon you will watch four documentaries and will be able to participate in a panel discussion after the films. The first documentary, Jaha’s Promise, tells the story of Jaha Dukureh, a Gambian women who fights to stop female genital mutilations. The second two documentaries tell the stories of doctors. The first documentary of these two, Clínica de Migrantes, shows doctors in the US working with migrants. The second of the two films is about the Clinical Officer Project, a project working to improve the medical skills of clinical officers in Malawi. Lastly, The Rebel Surgeon, shows the work of a Swedish doctor in Ethiopia, where he uses cheap solutions for his medical practices. You can see him use anything from the spokes on a bicycle wheel and tie rips, to plumbing tools and cheap power drills to operate on his patients.

Price: €30. Find all the info here and order tickets here.


International Human Rights Day - Book Launch and Lecture

December 10, 17:00 in the Study Landscape at UCG

Louisa, a women’s rights activist from Nigeria and former Shelter City Guest of Groningen, will give a lecture on her recent human rights work and announce the publication of her book. During the day there will be complementary events for Hanze and RUG students so be early to check out their work!


Price: Free. Find more info look here and to sign up, go here.


Europe and the US: The Future of NATO

December 10, 20:00 - 22:00 at Café De Troubadour, Peperstraat 19

Ever since the end of the Cold War, the role and value and NATO have been reevaluated. However, with the ongoing War on Terror, Russia’s new found confidence, and China’s more assertive foreign policy, it seems NATO should have been permanently removed from the ‘obsolete’ category. Obviously, this is not the case. The opposite is actually true: it seems like more than ever, trans-Atlantic relations, thus NATO, have been in question.

On 10 December, Deputy Permanent Representative to NATO Michel Rentenaar will discuss these and other questions. Mr. Rentenaar has almost 2 decades of experience with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, serving in countries from Iraq, Lebanon, and Egypt, to Congo, Uzbekistan, and Belgium. He has been stationed at the NATO headquarters for over 2 years now, and will share with us his view on the role of NATO, and current trans-Atlantic relations.  


Price: free. Find all the info here.


Conference on Migration and Development

December 14, 10:00 - 15:30 at Doopsgezinde Kerk, Oude Boteringestraat 33

Migration, climate change, insecurity and inequality strongly affect countries in Africa and Europe. Is it possible to tackle these issues through a common agenda based on shared interests? Where can we find realistic opportunities for co-operation without turning to wishful thinking? And which practical steps should be taken at the national, European and African level?

Five eminent speakers will explore these questions at this conference organised by Globalisation Studies Groningen and SIB-Groningen on 14 December. Through an interactive exchange with you and other participants, topics such as labour migration, energy, climate, social inclusion, and migration agreements will be discussed. You are warmly invited because your input is needed. Let’s think together!  


Price: free. Find all the info here.



Here is a call to all Model United Nations enthusiasts, aspiring diplomats, UC students and anyone else interested: AUCMUN Early Bird Applications are now open! There, you can enjoy three days full of fruitful debates, fun socials (including a gala) and networking opportunities with diverse people and delegates from all over the world at Amsterdam University College from 5-7 April 2019. For more info see this.


LOFT: Pushin Wood • Duke Hugh • Black Dynamite • Accidental Acid

December 15, 23:00 - 05:00 at Vera

Vera is a truly unique place. No other club in Groningen can really match its audience, music and vibe. Enthusiastic people, diverse tunes and an incomparable atmosphere make you dance until your feet hurt. The LOFT parties in particular live up to the hype and they’re finally back, for a mid-December club night. The best thing: the 3 euro entry fee makes it ridiculously good value for money. Go and see for yourself.  


Price: free with Vera clubcard, €3 without (doorsale only). Find all the info here.


Sinterklaas Pub Crawl

December 5, 21:00-00:00 at Peperstraat, Groningen

Yes, we reported on this one last week already but now the day of all days really is almost here: December 5th, the day when Sinterklaas (Santa, but better) celebrates his birthday. Normally he does this by merely giving everybody presents, chocolate and pepernoten (if you don’t what that is by now, shame on you), but as it turns out, he is not leaving it at that this year. The Saint has decided to march into Groningen afterwards and organise a pub crawl, showing ESN what the best bars in Groningen really are. What a legend. The man has made the pub crawl free for all and he has even promised special deals in some select bars. As he still has so many gifts to wrap, he hasn’t had time yet to think of an exact meeting time and location, but stay tuned for the specifics.


Price: free, keep an eye on this page for the details.


HomOOST - Queer Night w/ Lauren Hansom and more

December 7, 23:59-06:00 at OOST

This Friday OOST is finally organising a new edition of its HomOOST: a place where the extravagant, the open minded and the sexy are in the spotlights. It’s especially made for the queer community, but don’t get scared yet, the event is open for everybody who respects same sex lovers. And who doesn’t nowadays? This is going to be one of those intimate nights at cosy OOST we all know and love, but with a special tint. So if, for one time, you just don’t want to spend your Friday night doing too many shots in Sunny Beach, then this is your gig. Look ready to love (as OOST puts it) and make it a memorable night, dancing until dawn to the funk and disco that goes so underappreciated.

Price: €7, doorsale only. All info can be found here.



Kung Fu Class

December 6, 19:00-20:00 in Classroom 004 at UCG

We bring to you: Kung Fu Classes! In these classes you will learn the ins and outs of this martial art. Joran and his assistant will teach you about the power of your own body and he will help you develop control, strength and endurance, both physically as and mentally. In Joran’s own words: "In my Kung Fu lessons I focus the attention on knowledge and effectiveness. I find the combination of traditional Kung Fu and the realistic side of street fighting very important. Furthermore, I believe your mental state to be very important in Kung Fu. Kung Fu is a tool to use in many aspects of live. My goal is to make people stronger, faster and more agile, both physically and mentally, with humour and patience." The event is open for all to join. Caerus members  pay €2 euros for each class, on-Caerus members and staff pay €3 per class. The classes are every Thursday of block 2 in classroom 004 from 18:00 to 19:00. See you there and make sure to inform anyone who might be interested too!


Price: €2, sign up here.


Groningen on Ice

22 November - 6 January, 11:00-23:00 on the Grote Markt

When you think of the Netherlands, which sport comes to mind first? Exactly, Ice Skating. During the winter months all of us can feel the Dutchness and go and check out the ice rink on the grote markt and well, skate away.

P.S. Keep your eyes open for a Caerus event on Ice.


Price: €3 (+€3 for skates). Buy tickets here.


Disco on Ice

December 7, 20:00-23:00 on the Grote Markt

Like music and haven’t had enough of skating? We present you with both. Disco on Ice is exactly what it sounds like. Go skating to some good music, bring your friends and have some fun. Price is 6 Euros for entry and skates.


Price: €3 (+€3 for skates). Buy your tickets here.

Art & Culture


December 4, 20:30-23:00 at Vera Zienema

Photography is a wonderful thing with tons of possibilities nowadays. But how did modern photography come to be? This award winning documentary will tell you about Garry Winogrand, a photographer described as a “poet” and “philosopher”, for being one of the first people to take pictures with the intention of creating art instead of using them for journalism. He is known for taking remarkably spontaneous pictures of everyday people in the 1960s and 1970s, and all of this without the possibilities of editing. So take this opportunity to learn more about photography and the US in the 1960s, all the while watching a movie.


Price: €6. More information here.


December 4, 20:30–23:00 at USVA

Test your knowledge about arts and culture with winter questions in this cosy quiz night at Usva. Form a team and take the chance to win nice prizes. But of course it is not only about the prizes. There will also be delicious snacks and a live band to enjoy. And, most importantly, there will be a real Christmas atmosphere.


Price: €4. Sign you team up here and buy tickets here.


CIRCA/Yaron Lifschitz | Humans

December 5, 6 & 7 starting at 20:30  in the Grand Theatre

If you’re interested in acrobatics, then this show is for you. The most in-demand Australian art company CIRCA has come to Groningen to take us on a journey of what it means to be human, and of how our bodies, our connections and our aspirations all form a part of who we are. While the acrobats push their bodies to the physical limit, they will lead us as viewers to reflect on our own lives and our the limits of our own bodies.


Price: €13. Order tickets here, but be quick, they are very popular.

That’s it for this week. Go out and do stuff, now’s the time. See you next Monday.

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