Elections in Groningen

On the 21st of November, Groningen is holding its elections for the municipal council. The municipal council is the group of politicians that decides what happens in the city of Groningen. They decide on important issues like the housing crisis, cycling paths and public transport. With these elections, citizens of Groningen can vote for people they want to see in the municipal council and thus who they want to give influence in local politics. Since most of us UCG students live in Groningen, these elections are also important for us. That’s why we’re here to help you to vote.


Why You Should Vote

Does the traffic in Groningen bother you? Do you think leisure in the city could be better? Do you have thoughts on UCG’s international education? Then you should care about voting. These are exactly the kind of issues our municipality deals with. Not every party finds each topic as important, and there are significant differences in viewpoints between parties on more global developments such as immigration, sustainability and the European Union. The elections are a chance for you to support the party that has the best plans. Your vote can help Groningen in the right direction.


When You Can Vote and How To

To be eligible to vote you have be from the EU and be registered with the municipality. If you fulfill these requirements you will be sent a voting pass to your address. If not you can request it at the “gemeente groningen” in person or via email. This has to be done by the 16th of november to be sure to get a new voting pass. On the 21st of november itself the polling stations are open from 7.30 in the morning until 9 in the evening. The nearest polling station from your place of residence is marked on the voting pass but it is possible to vote at any one in the area. On the 21st just bring your ID and your voting pass to make your vote count.

To see all the parties you can vote on and more info in general, check out this page!

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