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Exam week is here, and even though some of us are still making long nights struggling to get through, others of us are (almost) through the work and can now relax. In order to do so, we can recommend a few great events for you! The upcoming weeks, we’ll have interesting talks about DNA alteration and the Germany-EU policy, as well as some great movie screenings such as Pulp Fiction, or Friends with Benefits! If you want to wash some of the exam stress away, make sure to check out the parties at the Jägerbar and plan ahead for the Casino night at UCG.


To make going to awesome events easier for you, we have made a calendar that you can add to your own Google Calendar! We will keep updating this calendar, making sure you will never miss an event worth your time!

All that YOU have to do is click on this link and add it to your own calendar. Enjoy!!


To make you life even easier, here are some quick links:



Art & Culture


International Grunniger Culture Night

January 21, 20:00 - 22:00 at Café De Troubadour, Peperstraat 19

We’re all studying and living here in Groningen, but how much do you actually know about the regional culture of Groningen? Do you know what words and sentences are typically Gronings? Professor Goffe Jensma will talk about Regionalism and Globalism focussing on Groningen. Following this talk, Olaf Vos, TV-presenter and singer-songwriter, will teach you the basics of the Groninger Language. Ending the night in a pub quiz, this night will be both full of fun and learning!


Price: FREE. Find all the info here.


Designer Babies and CRISPR Bananas

January 24, 20:00 - 21:30 at Academy Building, Broerstraat 5

What if we could eliminate malaria by ‘rewriting’ the DNA of mosquitos? Or design a super tasty banana that is immune to viruses, or even better; delete hereditary diseases in humans by simply cutting out the responsible genes? New techniques that can make adjustments in the blueprint of life, DNA, are rapidly evolving. Genome editing is widely researched to enhance crops, to prevent epidemics, but also to design. Some of these things are already happening due to the rapid evolution of genome editing techniques like CRISPR-Cas. But aren’t we moving too fast? Can we oversee the consequences of genetic technology intervening in nature? Ethicist Jeantine Lunshof and molecular geneticist Jan Kok will discuss the whereabouts of genome editing and elaborate on the ethical dilemmas.


Price: FREE for students. Find all the info here.


German-EU Policy with Marcus Pretzell and Hanco Jürgens

January 28, 20:00 - 22:00 at Café De Troubadour, Peperstraat 19

Germany is without a doubt one of the most important countries of Europe and the EU. January 28th, Marcus Pretzell (the double ‘l’ makes the difference between the man and the food, mind you!) and Hanco Jürgens will talk about Germany and the German-EU policy. Both are experts in this area, as Pretzell is a Member of the European Parliament and Jürgens is a senior research fellow at the Germany Institute at the University of Amsterdam. Be sure to check out these interesting talks about our neighbouring country and economic powerhouse of Europe!


Price: FREE. Find all the info here


James Bond Casino Night

February, 7 20:00 - 23:00, at UCG

Thursday the 7th of February is the next SOC event, and it’s organised exclusively by its first year members! Join the James Bond themed Casino night and kick off the new semester in style. There will be casino games (yes, really) but if you just can’t manage to keep a straight face, there is even non-casino games you can participate in. If you do want to play some poker but still need some practice, you can do so at the ‘bacon and beans’ table and work your way up to the real deal. Of course, you can also just sip some cocktails and be sexy at the bar if that floats your boat.

Price: FREE. Join here.


ESN Introduction Week

February 1, 19:00 to February 6 23:59, at ESN Groningen

If you missed ESN’s introduction week in September then you’re lucky. From Friday, February 1 until Wednesday, February 6, ESN Groningen once more is organising the biggest introduction week for international students in Groningen. Throughout this week you will be able to discover everything that Groningen and its student life has to offer, while also getting to know many other international students. There will be a pub crawl, culture day, sports day, band night, comedy show, Dutch language lessons, a movie night, some great parties and finally, an amazing Dutch themed party to end the week with. Tons of fun, in short.

Price: €35. More info and sign ups here.


Rewind x Die Jägerbar Groningen

Every Friday till February 23, 23:00-05:00 at Die Jägerbar

Every Friday for more than a month you can dance to the greatest hits from back in the days, mixed with the best jams from the present. You can enjoy a drink while listening to anything from The Jackson 5 and Nelly to Usher and Beyoncé. Make sure to sign up to the guestlist swiftly.

Price: FREE, get on the guestlist here.

Art & Culture

DOT Film: Pulp Fiction

January 23, 20:00-21:30 at DOT

This Wednesday the DOT theater will play the classic 1994 movie Pulp Fiction. Directed by Quentin Tarantino and starring famous actors like John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, the movie takes place in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles. It follows three interrelated criminal stories with three different protagonists. In a movie mixed with humour and violence, this movie is definitely worth watching. The movie will be in English, with Dutch subtitles.

Tickets will be 5 euros just to see the movie, but it is possible to combine it with the meal of the day in the DOT restaurant for 10 euros extra.

Price: starting at 5 euros, get your tickets here.


Nymphomaniac Vol. I & II | VERA Zienema

January 29, 19:30-23:30 at VERA Zienema

Tuesday the 29th, VERA will do a double showing of the eriotic drama movies Nymphomaniac. These movies are directected by the Danish Lars Von Trier, one of the most accomplished directors of the last couple of decades and famous for his use of confrontational genres. In Nymphomaniac, we follow the adventures of a young woman, a sex addict, who, after a confrontation with one of her lovers, finds solace with a Good Samaritan, to whom she tells her life story – one which is coloured by her insatiable thirst for sex, with as many men as possible, and as extreme as possible. Since it is a double showing, it will be quite long. But nonetheless an intriguing work of art.


Price: 6 euros, get tickets here.

DOT Film: Friends With Benefits

January 30, 20:00-21:30 at DOT

On Wednesday the 30th DOT will be playing the must-see romantic comedy Friends with Benefits. In this movie the fan-favourite duo Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are both playing characters that are done with the cliches and complications surrounding relationships. After meeting each other and both feeling attracted to each other, they decide to try something new: Physical love without any emotional connections involved (friends with benefits). As simple as this sounds, this idea quickly brings its own complications with it. The movie will be in English, with Dutch subtitles. Tickets will be 5 euros just to see the movie, but it is possible to combine it with the meal of the day in the DOT restaurant for 10 euros extra.  


Price: 5 euros, get your tickets here.


IFFR in Groningen

January 30-February 3 (Ticket sale starts January 23)

The International Film Festival Rotterdam will be coming to Groningen at the start of February. If you’ve ever wept, grinned, giggled, grieved, or fallen completely silent at the cinema, you know: some of our most intriguing emotional responses can come to us when we’re watching a film. These emotions are at the heart of IFFR 2019: five days full of films that are challenging what we see and the way we feel. All movies will be viewable for internationals language-wise. Click the link below to check out the whole schedule.


Price: starting at 6 euros, more information here.


Good luck with your exams (don't forget to keep your cool) and we will see you next week with more events!

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