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Most of us are lucky enough to have their exams behind them. That means you’ve got time to do some cool stuff. Just like any other Monday, we’ve selected some of the best events happening here in Groningen the upcoming two weeks. Plan ahead, because it will be as stuffed as a Turkey during Christmas dinner. Speaking of which, we’re getting closer and closer to the merry days. More and more Christmas events are popping up and Caerus is no exception. Next week, make sure to come to some of the Three Days of Caerus Christmas events!

If, however, you’d rather enjoy some non-holiday happenings, you can also join a Conference on Migration, OOST The Clubnacht Special or a seminar on the Energy Transition. Whatever your taste is, there’s something for you. Go out and enjoy!

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Art & Culture


International Human Rights Day - Book Launch and Lecture

December 10, 17:00 in the Study Landscape at UCG

Today, Louisa, a women’s rights activist from Nigeria and former Shelter City Guest of Groningen, will give a lecture on her recent human rights work and announce the publication of her book. During the day there will be complementary events for Hanze and RUG students so be early to check out their work!

Price: FREE. For more info look here and to sign up, go here.


Energy Seminar: Changing Perspectives of the Energy Transition

December 13, 16:00 - 17:00 at the Energy Academy ​Building, Nijenborgh 6

You’re at UCG. You probably know how much we care about energy consumption and how to change it. During this seminar by Prof. Dr. André Faaij, you will hear more about the different perspectives on the energy transition. He will discuss different scales, from regional to international; different actors, such as corporate and governance; and the different dimensions such as technology, society and economy. What is the relationship between these? And how can we find ways forward in this fascinating challenge?

Price: FREE. To sign up, go here.


Conference on Migration and Development

December 14, 10:00 - 15:30 at Doopsgezinde Kerk, Oude Boteringestraat 33

Migration, climate change, insecurity and inequality strongly affect countries in Africa and Europe. Is it possible to tackle these issues through a common agenda based on shared interests? Where can we find realistic opportunities for co-operation without turning to wishful thinking? And which practical steps should be taken at the national, European and African level?

Five eminent speakers will explore these questions at this conference organised by Globalisation Studies Groningen and SIB-Groningen on 14 December. Through an interactive exchange with you and other participants, topics such as labour migration, energy, climate, social inclusion, and migration agreements will be discussed. You are warmly invited because your input is needed. Let’s think together!  

Price: FREE. Find all the info here.


Caerus Social Shebang

December 13, 17:00-19:00 at the UCG Bar

Exams are coming up so you’ll be studying day and night, but you need a break now and then. So get away from your books, laptop and notes and forget about all those exams, deadlines and assignments at the Caerus Social Shebang. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet your friends, have a drink and catch up. The beer is cold, the wine is on point and both beverages are basically given away for free. So work on your academic priorities, but make sure to gather your friends and take these two hours to have a laugh and a drink. It’s an opportunity which is only getting scarcer.

Price: FREE, beer and wine 50 cent. Let everybody else know your going, here.


OOST The Clubnacht Special (attend for free entrance)

December 15, 23:59-06:00 at OOST

This Saturday OOST is throwing its successful ‘Clubnacht Special’ (Clubnight Special). Attend the event on Facebook for a free entrance (normal price is 5 euros) and enjoy the local artists and upcoming DJ’s OOST has found for you. Last week we reported on Vera’s LOFT event, which coincidentally is taking place the exact same night. Choose wisely.

Price: FREE if you attend on Facebook before 14:00 Saturday here.


Cozy Christmas Party

December 19, 19:00-00:00 at UCG

Caerus is going all out this Christmas. Not one, not two, but three days of Caerus Christmas celebration will be taking place this year. Day 1 and 2 are filled with various activities and day 3 will be all about the Cozy Christmas Party. MuCG will kick off the evening with the best Christmas songs, while Civitas sets up a crafts table for you to get creative. Make a bracelet for a friend or a Christmas card for your family, or
do your own thing and bring some own materials. Glühwein, a photo booth, Secret Santa: it’s all gonna be there at our very own UCG, until late at night.

Price: FREE. Let your friends know your going here.

PS there is even an Ugly Christmas Sweater Dinner next week Monday, sign up for that here


UCG on Ice

December 18, 17:00-18:00 on the Grote Markt

It is almost Christmas, the most exciting time of the year! We still have to wait for a couple of weeks, and try to stay patient... To make all this waiting a little bit more bearable UCGO is organising a great new activity for you: ice skating! Are you ready to put on your Christmas hat for some fun at the Grote Markt in Groningen? The event is open for all of you to join! For only 3,50 euros you can enter ‘Groningen on Ice’, and for an additional 3,00 euros you can rent a pair of ice skates to can use during that time. The event will take place on Tuesday, December 18. We will all gather at the Grote Markt at 5pm and we will have an hour to show of our skills :) After being on the cold ice, you can enjoy the warmth of UCG while watching a movie with some popcorn, which will be organised by our lovely PIXEL peers!

Price: €3,50, sign up here.


Kung Fu Class

December 13, 19:00-20:00 in Classroom 004 at UCG

We bring to you: Kung Fu Classes! In these classes you will learn the ins and outs of this martial art. Joran and his assistant will teach you about the power of your own body and he will help you develop control, strength and endurance, both physically as and mentally. In Joran’s own words: "In my Kung Fu lessons I focus the attention on knowledge and effectiveness. I find the combination of traditional Kung Fu and the realistic side of street fighting very important. Furthermore, I believe your mental state to be very important in Kung Fu. Kung Fu is a tool to use in many aspects of live. My goal is to make people stronger, faster and more agile, both physically and mentally, with humour and patience." The event is open for all to join. Caerus members  pay €2 euros for each class, non-Caerus members and staff pay €3 per class. The classes are every Thursday of block 2 in classroom 004 from 18:00 to 19:00. See you there and make sure to inform anyone who might be interested too!

Price: €2, sign up here.


Christmas Indoor Sport Spectacle

December 19, 16:30-23:00 at ACLO Sports Center

Wednesday 19 December 2018, the annual Christmas Indoor Sport Spectacle (KISS) will take place at ACLO Sports Center. It is a sports event to celebrate the end of the year. Everyone can participate free of charge, even non ACLO members. During this evening there is a packed schedule with a range of different sports: Jumping fitness XXL Blacklight circuit XXL Poledance demos Christmas spinning XXL Several tournaments: squash, futsal, weightlifting and blacklight volleyball There are also E-sports and VR games. In the Sportsbar you can enjoy a typical Dutch stamppot buffet.

Price: FREE, sign up here.

Art & Culture

Christmas Movie Screening: The Grinch

December 18, 18:30-20:30 at UCG

A screening of the classic Christmas movie The Grinch organised by our very own PIXEL. Get warmed up with some hot chocolate and popcorn provided by Civitas and spend your evening cosily wrapped up in your favourite blanket while watching the perfect movie to get you in the spirit of Christmas!

Price: FREE! Let's all watch it together! More information here.


Movies That Matter: The Poetess | VERA Zienema

December 11, 20:00-23:30 at Vera Zienema

Saudi society is very different from our Western society, especially for women. But how different is it actually? You can find the answer to this question in the documentary The Poetess. The documentary tells the story of Hissa, a woman that decides to participate in the popular male-dominated Arabic TV show Million’s Poet. Hissa surprises the public with her critical poems about extremism and unequal treatment of men and women, but this is not all positive. Follow Hissa’s journey to the finals of Million’s Poet and learn about the struggles of women in Saudi along the way. And, just as important, take the time to relax in your busy week by watching this enlightening movie.

Price: 6 euros, get your ticket here.


Stranger Sings Have Happened: The Improvised Musical

December 14, 21:00-23:00 at Usva

Are you in the mood for drama, music and dance? Then come and watch this fully improvised show filled with song and dance. The whole show is improvised based on the suggestions you give them, so you can make your night as crazy and funny as you want. So what are you waiting for?

Price: 6 euros, get your tickets here.

That would be it for this week. We hope you'll have a grand time and we’ll see you around next week!

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