UCG Green Office

Meet the UCG Green Office

Just like every faculty, UCG also has its own Green Office Embassy.  The goal of these embassies is to create a more sustainable faculty. This year the UCG Green Office is taking a fresh start with more motivation and ideas than ever before. Some of their goals this year are to raise funds for an environmental NGO, investigate the sustainability of the city Groningen, and collaborate with Caerus to make our study association greener!

If you have any questions about the UCG Green Office, please contact greenambassador.ucg@rug.nl

Current members of the UCG Green Office:

Chair: Marije Punter

Secretary: Lianne Haak 

Other active members:

Adela Ostaf

Amy Horsford

Lotta Stokke

Marius Brouwer

Mika van Wijk

Oliver Pokerznik

Patric Hansen

Zoe Reining