Career Day - What Can I Do With My Degree?


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Board 2017-2018
Date and time
Jun 18, 2018 12:00 - 18:00
University College Groningen

Career Day - What Can I Do With My Degree?



This year, the first career day for the students of University College Groningen will take place. Organized by three second year students for their free form, through Caerus, and in corporation with the faculty itself, we hope to bring you an insight into life after UCG. By inviting three different companies, we will help to answer the question "What can I do with my Liberal Arts & Sciences degree?"

The day will include lectures, workshops, and case studies with multiple companies, which will be announced in the coming time. The day will end with networking drinks to give you the opportunity to speak to prospective employers.

Who is coming?

 De Kleine Consultant:

De Kleine Consultant is a non-profit strategy consultancy company that fully run by students. We offer valuable and affordable advice to clients that normally wouldn't be able to afford a large consultancy firm. We strive to make real impact with our advice for our clients, to develop our students through training and coaching, and to learn from our partners. Furthermore, De Kleine Consultant is characterised by multidisciplinary teamwork and a feedback culture. We advise on very diverse projects in all kinds of industries, which makes it very interesting and the perfect opportunity to develop yourself.

At the Career Day, we will be providing a case training. During the training, we will introduce the principles of strategy consultancy, we will teach you the basic concepts of case solving, and we will practice in an interactive case solving competition. Are you interested in exploring one of the most dynamic and interactive lines of work, using your exceptional and unique study curriculum? Then visit our case training during the Career Day!


"Mynn is an Ed-Tech start-up based in the city centre of Groningen. Currently in beta, Mynn is a platform for advanced language learners which increases language learning efficiency by putting your target language into cultural context. 

Mynn has been in active development and expanding their team since January 2018. Mynn is founded by two students from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Groningen, who are excited to share with you the challenges and the rewards of entering the world of entrepreneurship as a student. The team at Mynn is comprised of innovate and passionate individuals who are building a company and creating their own careers. Mynn will present a case-study that will focus on 'how to make ideas happen'. The hardest part of entrepreneurship as a student can be going out of your comfort zone, knowing how to ask for help, and finding the right organizational strategy so that you can truly execute on your entrepreneurial idea. While presenting their case, Mynn will also invite you to join their team by providing some more information about the vacancies they have available. The beauty of working with a start-up is that you are not tied to one single job task. You can find a place where your passion can thrive, whether that be in a creative, tech or business sector. 

Interested in entrepreneurship, start-up culture or building your own career? Then connect with Mynn on Career Day!" 


ING is a global financial institution with a strong European base, offering retail and wholesale banking services in over 40 countries. Our customers are at the heart of what we do. Though our local businesses vary in terms of their market positions, all are guided by our purpose of empowerment and strategy to provide customers with a differentiating customer experience.

We will play a game with you at the Career Day. You will be in the shoes of the management board of a bank, competing with other banks. You will be confronted with an important dilemma we face as a bank. We want to support the economy and be profitable by issuing loans to customers. However a financial crisis may always be around the corner, which means we must be very aware of the various risks we are taking. Your job will be to provide high quality service to your clients, make more profits than the competition and…stay alive.


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