The Future of Food - An Interactive Evening


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Date and time
May 23, 2018 18:00 - 19:45
UCG Canteen

The Future of Food - An Interactive Evening

By the year 2050, the planet will be packed with nine billion people. In the next few decades, we’ll need to figure out how to produce enough protein for billions more mouths. Simply speeding up the current meat industry is not a solution:. The global production of meat already takes an enormous toll on the environment. It’s not just gobbling up land and water, it also pollutes soil and water and emits more greenhouse gases than planes, trains and automobiles combined.

Could insects be the super food of the future? This is the question we want to explore together with experts of entomophagy (fancy for 'eating bugs'). We will have an interactive lecture combined with a cooking class - tasting included. !Only 30 people can join! So if you want to explore alternatives for the future and show your friends how tough you are, sign up on the Caerus website, we're looking forward to seeing you!



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