The Night of 1000 Stories


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Date and time
Feb 8, 2018 18:30 - 21:00
UCG Canteen

The Night of 1000 Stories

The Shame Project (Lea-Claire Tersou), in collaboration with the SOC, and starring all of you, would like to invite you to the Night of 1000 Stories! (exaggeration intended) One of the biggest challenges of shame is that it makes you feel as if you should hide your true self and avoid others from seeing who you are or sharing your stories. What can you do about it? Express yourself! The Night of 1000 Stories is a night of poetic and musical sharing, in which you get to perform for your felllow UCGers an artistic piece (a poem, a prose, a song, a dance, etc..) in which you tell a story that means something to you. The point is to create a safe environment in which you get to show yourself to others in all the talent, potential, and goodness that you have, and that we know you are capable of.

How to participate? We plan 30 spots for the event! You can sign up on the Caerus website. When signing up, you will specify if you are coming to perform (and what type of performance) or just to watch! Each performance should be a maximum of 7 minutes long.

"Do I need to be the person who wrote the piece?" Not at all! As long as it speaks to you, you are more than welcome to perform it! We can't wait to hear your stories!

Sign up via this Google form as well, so that we know if you will be a spectator or performer! 

If you have any more questions, you can contact me (Lea-Claire Tersou) or the Chair of the SOC (Eden Winkels)!


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