UCSRN Pool Party @ UCT

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Board 2018-2019
Date and time
Jun 7, 2019 21:00 - 01:00
University College Twente

UCSRN Pool Party @ UCT

It is time for the third big UCSRN event – an epic poolparty at UCT on the 7th of June!

Next to swimming through the waves, enjoying several (too many) beers, you will hear the waterful beats of DJs from several UCs. Join the group of your UC, and make new friends with students from all UCs!

The entrance price will be 7 euros, hosting for UC students is possible (and free). The event
will start at 21:00 in Enschede. Sign up is now possible via https://www.sa-atlantis.nl/events/events/lustrum-pool-party or the QR code on the posters.


Hope to see you all in between the waves at Atlantis! ✨

xx The UCSRN Pool Party Committee


For any questions, please contact either lustrum@sa-atlantis.nl or ucsrnsocial@caerus-ucg.com.