Current Board

Caerus Board of 2022-2023

Chair: Emil Preuss

Hey everyone, 🌞 I am Emil and I am the Chair of our wonderful association. When I first came to UCG and got to know about Caerus I was amazed by the great community I found. Therefore, after spending one year in Groningen and having had the great chance to enjoy the community and events surrounding Caerus I decided to become active myself and try and help us grow and connect even more. I want to make it a great year for us and create long lasting development together with you guys. I believe that the best and most important thing we can do is to listen to you guys and profit from the diversity and differences we have here at UCG. I will do my best for you as Chair that’s for sure!


Secretary: Noor Nederlof

Hey there! My name is Noor, a second year majoring in Social Sciences with an interest in Sociology and International Relations. I’m happiest on the water, when sailing, swimming or surfing and therefore am part of the sailing association Mayday. I also give sailing lessons to children in the summer. I love listening to and making music which is why I was part of MucG last year. There I experienced how the committees add to the tight knit community of UCG. I want to keep this community up and running by keeping Caerus organised and a space where communication is key. I am always open to questions about administrative matters or any other questions you might have :)


Treasurer: Katarzyna Kapuścińska

Hey, my name is Kasia, I'm a 2nd year at UCG. In my studies I mostly focus on computer science but I also enjoy more humanistic courses. 
I'm very excited to be a part of Caerus and hope to build a close sans of community with all of you. I will do my best to help you with all money related questions and make it as easy as possible to settle events.
Feel free to reach me by email or on one of the Caerus enents!


Committee Affairs Officer / UCSRN Social Representative: Giorgia Beiso 

Ciao! It’s s Giorgia here and I am currently a second year here at UCG. Many are the things that I like doing apart from studying, such as reading and cooking when I have enough time on my hands. This year I will be taking on our committees and making sure that everyone feels valued in our great study association. I am really looking forward to seeing what the creative people of our community have in store and can’t wait to help them make their ideas come to life. 
As you can see I will be the UCSRN of our college as well, which means that I will be representing Groningen in the network of the colleges of the Netherlands! My goal is to make CAERUS aware of how great having these connections is and make the most out of it.


Committee Affairs Officer: Kerstin Baureis

Hey everybody! I'm Kerstin I will be one of the two Committee Affairs Officers of Caerus. I am currently in my second year and my major is Mind and Behaviour. My goal for Caerus this year is to build a community in which everyone feels welcome, to organise bar evenings at UCG where students and professors can come together and to have a strong core of active committees.


External Affairs Officer: ​​Julian Budhu Lall

Yo! I'm Julian, and I'm currently in my second year of UCG with a flat major in Social Sciences. This year I joined the student association R.K.S.V. Albertus Magnus. In the Introweek Committee, I have experienced the needs, hard work, fun and frustration one can face by actively being part of Caerus. So embrace it all; you will gain memorable experiences and valuable lessons. This year's primary focus for me is organising a broader range of academic events and opportunities. 

Whether in Fras, the club or at UCG, feel free to have a chat with me :)


External Affairs Officer: ​​Julija Zagurskyte

Hey hey, my name is Julija and I am currently in my third year of UCG. I am doing a bachelors in social science with a minor in arts policy and entreupreneurship. But enough about me personally; I am here to talk about my LEGACY. As the first ever PR representative of Caaerus I am incredibly honoured to have the chance to try to elevate the image and message of Caerus. So much good work has been done and is happening every week and the wider comunity deserves to feel like they are part of something modern; socially conscious and great. This is why this year my main goal will be to make sure Caerus is represented in the way it deserves to be: as a community of passionate, hard working sustainable and fun group of individuals. 

Do not hesitate to reach out to me through my email or at events. I love a good chat :)