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Caerus Board of 2021-2022

Board 21-22
Caerus Board 2021-2022

Chair: Hannah Matthiesen

Hi everyone, I am Hannah and I will be the Chair of Caerus for 2021-2022! I am currently in my 2nd year at UCG enjoying myself very much with all the extra courses I am taking. During my first year, I was part of the Lustrum Team and the Intro Week Committee. This showed me all the ins and outs of the study association and just how appreciative I am of it, and all that it does :). My goal is to be approachable and open to everyone who has a question, concern or need to chat about Caerus (or anything else).

Secretary: Lise Oldenziel

Hey my name is Lise :) I am currently a 3rd year UCG student, majoring in Social Sciences with a specialisation in International Business and Entrepreneurship. I just joined the rowing association Gyas, am working at FC Groningen and started my own jewellery store (Insta: Creations&I)! I am looking forward to this coming Caerus year and all the fun events we will organize! I was part of Mucg, and music is definitely a big part of my life. As secretary I hope to keep Caerus an organized association, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime :)

Treasurer: Eleni Syriopoulos

Hoi hoi! My name is Eleni and I am in my 2nd year at UCG. I am focusing my studies on business/entrepreneurship-related subjects. I decided to do a board year because the events that Caerus organises have helped me deal with/(kind of) overcome my social anxiety and I wanted to give back and grow even more. Although I am currently unable to travel back to the Netherlands I look forward to when I will be able to attend one of our physical events and see you all again. I will try my best to overcome the challenges that the pandemic has created. Feel free to reach out if you need anything or have any questions. Hope you are all healthy and stay safe so we can see each other again soon.

Committee Affairs Officer / UCSRN Social Representative: Shanna Wouters 

Greetings! My name is Shanna Wouters, I am a second year at UCG and I go by all pronouns. I'm on the social studies track and major in Mind & Behaviour, though my specialisations lie with 'knitting' and 'telling horrible jokes'. I wanted to make sure there were more events in Caerus where people got the chance to hang out and have fun together, strengthening a sense of community, thus I am on the board and doing just that ;) I am also leading the Gardening initiative "GROWningen", I hope that shows just how much I want our Caerus community to grow and blossom. If you have any committee-related questions or requests then Alicja (my amazing fellow CAO) and I are honoured to help. If you have any questions or requests about UCSRN then I am your person and happy to help :D

Committee Affairs Officer: Alicja Mizeracka

Hi, my name is Alicja, you have probably never seen this name with a ‚j’. I’m in the second year of my studies, gladly I don’t have to explain which ones. I’m majoring in social sciences with an interest in Media & Politics. Outside of university, I like to read books, watch arthouse movies, play volleyball and raveee! I try to enjoy my life to the fullest while being the CAO, a TA and a member of volleyball association. My goal for this year is to always be approachable, positive and ready to help so feel free to come talk to me about everything and nothing. I want to help comittees grow and Caerus to thrive! 

External Affairs Officer: ​​Sybe van den Top

Hi! My name is Sybe and I am currently a 2nd year at UCG. Right now, I am focusing on philosophy, politics and economics. I am very eager to expand the reach of Caerus in Groningen. Hopefully I can become a solid asset in this Caerus board and add wonderful moments of good fortune to all the members of Caerus. My main focus is on expanding Caerus’ network so members can grow their own social circle as well. I am open to all kinds of collaborations and hope to hear input and ideas from all over the Caerus community. Hope to meet all of you soon!