Current Board

Caerus Board of 2019-2020


Chair: Jesse Tromp

Heya, I’m Jesse and I am the fully Dutch Chair of the board of Caerus! I’m a second year at UCG who specialises in philosophy and politics. I’m into nature-stuff (Boy Scout born & raised!), going out with friends and undertaking the craziest projects with said friends. I like to casually browse Wikipedia, and then annoy friend or foe with useless facts. If you see me around don’t hesitate to have a chat, even though I’m notorious for not being able to tell a story in under an hour or four. Joejoe!

Secretary: Amy Horsford

Hi my name is Amy and I am half French and half Kiwi! I am 20 years old and am in my 2nd year at UCG. My plan is to major in International Business and Entrepreneurship and then go work in event management. What I like to do for fun is organise things and colour code them or chase down the cats in my neighbourhood to pet them. In the Caerus board, my role is secretary. This means that I deal with administrative issues of all sorts and am the general contact person for internal and external issues. If you have any administrative questions or questions who you are unsure who to direct them to, please email me and I will redirect you accordingly. Hope to see you around! 

Treasurer: Bethany Wong

Hi I am Bethany. I am 19 years old and I come from Hong Kong. I am majoring in Health and Life Sciences. In Caerus board I am the person that chases people around for their money (treasurer). You got any money issues related to Caerus, hit me up. My favourite colour is orange and I am passionate about theatre. See y’all around!

Committee Affairs Officer / UCSRN Academic Representative: Kaja Warnke

Hello hello, this is the grandma of the board! I am Kaja, currently in my third year and I am majoring in social psychology- currently writing my thesis, which is super exciting, but also quite scary. Time flies! Next to my UCG bubble life, I enjoy long coffee breaks; cycling on my racebike around Groningen and spending time with my loved ones. In the Caerus board, I am - like Sara- the committee affairs officer. This entails coordinating all the different events, uploading them online and listening to committee-specific issues and concerns. I am really happy to be an active part of the vibrant and active Caerus community; and I think it is beautiful to see how engaged so many people are! 

Committee Affairs Officer / UCSRN Social Representative: ​Sara Rommes

Hola, my name is Sara, I am 20 years old and come from the Netherlands. I am currently in my second year at UCG. Even though I mainly focus on social sciences, I have no idea what I want to do in the future yet. At the moment I simply enjoy being a student and I will eventually see where life will get me. On the board, I am one of the two CAO’s, meaning I am responsible for all the committees. In addition, I am our social representative for UCSRN, the network for all University Colleges in the Netherlands. Besides UCG I am also part of a rowing association, but I enjoy doing all sorts of sports. If you ever have any questions, feel free to approach me, I will probably be around!

External Affairs Officer: ​Eva van der Hulst

Hello! I am Eva and I’m 19 years old. I am Dutch, from the lovely town Epe which you might remember or fear from intro camp. I’m in my second year of UCG, and I think I am majoring in social sciences. I also like running and am active at an athletics association. In the board, I am the External Affairs Officer (EAO). This means that my job is to start and maintain contact with external parties, ranging from study associations to companies. It mainly involves networking and talking to a lot of different people. On that note, if you have any ideas, suggestions, or just want to chat, you can always approach me!







A big thank you goes to Melvin Coolen for taking our board pictures! 

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