Caerus Board of 2023-2024

Caerus Board 2023/24

Hey everyone! We are the 9th board of Caerus!  

We are very excited to work with all of you this upcoming year, shape this association, and create memories together! :))

Lorena, Zoe, Fiona, Martin, Alexander, Annelot & Valérie

Introducing the board members


Chair: Lorena Plazas

Hello everyone! My name is Lorena, and I’m the Chair of our beloved Study Association Caerus!! I’m very excited to meet each and every one of you, and I hope you’re all ready to start your amazing journey at UCG <3 To me, this process was very exciting but also terrifying, as I was very nervous about making new friends and adapting well to a new city. However, finding Caerus helped me a lot to connect with new people, and slowly find my community in UCG (which I’m sure will happen to you too). So, feel free to approach me with anything that u need, and join me on the adventure to make this year an extraordinary one for Caerus xx

Secretary: Zoё Riethmüller

Hi, my name is Zoё. My position within the Caerus board this year is the secretary. I will make sure that everything runs smoothly; ensuring that there is active communication between the board and all other members, organizing and scheduling events, and maintaining our records with precision. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. From personal experience, I know that being an active member can provide you with lots of opportunities and enrich your college experience in countless ways - so why not give it a try? Together, we will work towards making this year a remarkable one for our association.



Treasurer: Fiona Majumdar

Hey everyone! My name is Fiona, and I am the treasurer of Caerus. I handle all the finance related things for Caerus, such as our budget and the funds to organize events. Caerus provided me with a community and a lot of opportunities last year and it is great to be able to give back to the members this time around. A majority of my work happens behind the scenes, but feel free to approach me at any time for any Caerus related questions or proposals! 

Committee Affairs Officer : Martin Friedrich 

Hey there, my name is Martin and I’ll be one of Caerus’ CAOs this year. When arriving in Groningen I was immediately introduced to the vibrant community at UCG. However, it wasn’t until I joined the Introweek Committee that I realized this community exists largely due to the engagement of Caerus and its members. Having largely profited from said community in my first year by finding friends, learning things, and just having fun I decided to try and give back to the community. That is what I am trying to accomplish this year. Helping the community at UCG flourish through assisting the creation of committees, events, and opportunities to have a great time!


Alexander Frieling

Committee Affairs Officer / UCSRN Social Representative: Alexander Frieling

Moin, my name is Alexander. "Moin" is a universal greeting that we use in Hamburg. Used as an acronym, it represents qualities I value - motivation, organization, inspiration, and neighborliness. I found all these in Caerus last year and am determined to make it my mission to disclose them to everyone of you. 

As CAO and UCSRN representative, you can hold me accountable for my promise to take any means to ensure an awesome year for the association. You will find me working in and with the committees to bring life into our vision for Caerus and the UCSRN.

Let me know what you want, and we will find a way to make it happen.

External Affairs Officer: ​​Annelot Born

Hii all, my name is Annelot and I am the External Affairs Officer on the 9th Board of Caerus. My role in the Caerus Board is to work with external partners for example for the ‘t Vaatje parties, the merchandise, and discounts. This year I want to focus on creating more external opportunities for our members both academically for our futures and socially in Groningen. If you have any suggestions or ideas I would love to hear from you!



PR Officer: Valérie Buquoy

Hey guys! Im Valérie, the PR of Caerus! I'm in charge of all things social media, communication of events, and visibility of our Association. That means I’ll update the website, write the newsletter, create social media content, and work closely together with Pixel and the committee PRs. As member of the board, I want to make sure everyone feels valued as part of this community! I’ll ensure you are always up to date with Caerus, what the board is doing, and how you can become active. Don't hesitate to reach out to me on our socials or talk to me in person. I believe we will have a great time together and I'm here to capture and document it!📸

PS. Follow our Insta (@sacaerus) for firsthand updates and pictures of the UCG-😸 :))

Former boards

Board 2022-2023

Board of 2022-2023

Chair - Emil Preuss

Secretary - Noor Nederlof

Treasurer - Katarzyna Kapuścińska 

Committee Affairs Officer/UCSRN Social Representative - Giorgia Beiso

Committee Affairs Officer - Kerstin Baureis 

External Affairs Officer - Julian Budhu Lall

Public Affairs Officer - Julija Zagurskyte

Board 21-22

Board of 2021-2022

Chair - Hannah Matthiesen

Secretary - Lise Oldenziel

Treasurer - Hedzer van der Meer

Committee Affairs Officer/UCSRN Academic Representative - Alicja 

Committee Affairs Officer/UCSRN Social Representative - Shan 

External Affairs Officer - Sybe 


Board of 2020 - 2021

Chair - Birgit Eggink

Secretary - Zoe Reining

Treasurer - Eleni Syriopoulos

Committee Affairs Officer/UCSRN Academic Representative - Eva Douglas

Committee Affairs Officer/UCSRN Social Representative - Julius Westerhoff

External Affairs Officer - Géanne Welp


Board of 2019 - 2020

Chair - Jesse Tromp

Secretary - Amy Horsford

Treasurer - Bethany Wong

Committee Affairs Officer/UCSRN Academic Representative - Kaja Warnke

Committee Affairs Officer/UCSRN Social Representative - Sara Rommes

External Affairs Officer - Eva van der Hulst


​Board of 2018 - 2019

Chair - Sushane Gupta

Secretary - Merethe Blandhol

Treasurer - Bart Swinkels

Committee Affairs Officer - Merle Jurgens

CAO / UCSRN Social Representative - Annina Junnonen


Board of 2017 - 2018

Chair - Tim Weber

Secretary - Elise de Boer

Treasurer - Niek Wieringa

Committee Affairs Officer - Emma Blankwater

External Affairs Officer - Liset Santhagens

UCSRN Social Representative/CAO - Marit Visserman

interim board 2017

Interim Board of 2017

Chair - Cairo Geha

Secretary - Deborah Bremmer

Treasurer- Tjitske Schokker

Committee Affairs Officer- Tamara Uildriks

External Affairs Officer- Hanna Dosenko


Board of 2016 - 2017

Chair - Danial Lissborg

Secretary - Deborah Bremmer

Treasurer - Tijler Dommerhold

Committee Affairs Officer - Tamara Uildriks

External Affairs Officer - Hanna Dosenko


Board of 2015 - 2016

Chair - Cyntha Wieringa

Secretary - Jelena Busch

Treasurer - Christopher Stockermans

Committee Affairs Officer - Hozan Rashid

External Affairs Officer - Marieke van Beek


Founding Board of 2014 - 2015

Cyntha Wieringa

Marthijn Kinkel

Nick Bootsma