Intro Week


The Intro Week Committee is in charge of organising the introduction period at UCG for our incoming first years. This time is filled with activities for the new students to get to know one another in an informal and relaxed way. This includes activities during the day, social drinks in the evening as well as a three-day camp. Apart from the fun events, the students will also get a lot of information about UCG, Groningen and student life in general. We are here to ensure that the new students have an incredible start to their first year at UCG. If you want to be a part of organising yet another unforgettable introduction week, join us! Alternatively, if you have questions about your Intro Week this year, don't hestitate to contact us at 

Committee Members

Chair - Annelot Born

Secretary - Kim Vogelaar

Treasurer - Anna Fornari

General Members

Hannes Pfender 

Martin Friedrich

Marly Taheij

Aniela Hofmokl

Elliot Hammond