Sleeping Lasagna's

Feeling Hungry or having troubles with the cooking life as a student? No worries! The Sleeping Lasagna's will be there for you to organize amazing dinners at UCG. Having some fun chats with your fellow classmates whilst enjoying a lovely Mexican, Chinese, Dutch or Irish meal. Aside from that, we're always open for a collaboration with another committee! The traditional Christmas Dinner, providing some snacks on a charity night or an announcement dinner for some big event, we're always willing to spend an afternoon in the (UCG) kitchen. The Sleeping Lasagna's can make everything, allergies or special dietary options are no problems, and your wishes will always be fulfilled. And best of all, you can always go for a second round!

Sleeping Lasagnas

Committee Members:

Chair: Claire Hudson ( 

Secretary: Julia Long 

Treasurer: Bart Swinkels 

Maximilian Hertz

Lieke Jorna

Anasuya Malgie

Celine Schaus

Hanne Oldenhof

Samantha O'Shea‚Äč