We are the UCSRN TEAM of UCG, a group of 5 enthusiastic UCG students that got really excited about UCSRN after going to the last Tournament in Utrecht.

Even though we just created this team this academic year, we really want to make UCSRN more known and visible within the UCG student body as well as get UCG more engaged in the offered activities. In the last few years the attendance from our students was very little compared to well established other UCs, mainly because only few people knew what UCSRN is and what benefits this community brings.

We are truly making an effort to change this!

Chair: Giorgia Beiso

PR: Hannah Hohenhövel

General Members:

Louisa Wind

Dorien Boomsma

Shan Wouters 

Contact: ucsrnsocial@caerus-ucg.com 

TEAM Members 2022/23