Join a Committee!

Can you see yourself organizing events and have you always wanted to join a committee? This is your chance! Caerus is a fast growing association with a lot of places to join a committee. Take a look at all the different committees to see if there is something that suits your ideas! Do you want to organize sports events, cook dinners, create the yearbook, or organize the introweek? Be a part of us and join us! This will make Caerus a better and more exciting association, as well as help you explore your skills and ambitions. You also should know that many employers currently check your CV for what you did outside of purely academics, so a committee is the perfect thing to polish up your resume with!

Questions? Check out our Committee FAQ or send an email to

Do you have a new idea for Caerus that is not covered by any of the existing committees? Please approach one of our Committee Affairs Officers by sending an email to and discuss your suggestion!

Committee Application 2020/2021
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What committee would you like to join?
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