Positions Descriptions


The chair is responsible for representing the association and leading the board to ensure progress and achievement of goals. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the chair to keep a general overview of the happenings within the association and of course the board, delegating the tasks at hand and creating a respectful and professional environment. More practically, the chair is in charge of creating the agendas for meetings (board meetings, faculty, general assemblies etc.) and informing the rest of the board beforehand of what they are planning to discuss, as well as ensuring that the agenda points are discussed and time is used efficiently by chairing the meetings. They also work closely with the secretary on more administrative tasks. 


The secretary takes care of the scheduling for the entire board when it comes to board meetings, meetings with the (bodies within) faculty, bodies within Caerus, and most external parties. They also take minutes during board meetings, General Assemblies, and Advisory Council meetings. They are, together with the chair, the main contact person of Caerus. Furthermore, they work on the management of the administrative side with the website and manage the website in collaboration with the PR. Lastly, they take care of administrative matters such as grants and subsidies as well as organising the Caerus Google Drive.  


The treasurer is responsible for everything connected to money in the association. That mainly boils down to planning and analysing the yearly budget, preparing audits, helping and overseeing all the events and financial activities done in the name of the Caerus. On top of that the treasurer is involved in all the grants and subsidies applications as well as other board projects. In order to ensure that all the bookkeeping is done correctly the treasurer has to closely collaborate with the audit committee.


The PR is responsible for the visual representation of the association for example making posters, posts, advertisement of events etc. They manage the Caerus social media and most of the forms of communication such as the newsletter, WhatsApp event group chat, Instagram, website and UCG screens ensuring standardised and relevant information is given to the community in a timely manner. Supporting the PR reps of Caerus Committees to produce their own promotional materials and managing Pixel the promotional team of the association. 


The external is responsible for the contact with external parties. That includes other study associations, companies and non-profit organisations. They are not charged with specific tasks that they have to do repeatedly, which makes this position highly malleable to the external's liking. They can make and come up with their own projects, like the merch.  

Committee Affairs Officer + UCSRN representative

On the board, there are two CAOs. They will work together closely and it is up to them to figure out which task distribution makes the most sense for the dynamics between the two of them. The main goal of the CAOs is to ensure the well-being of the committees and help them organise their events if needed. Caerus has 11 committees and 2  teams, all with different ideas, needs, and goals. The CAOs are responsible for all of them and their role is mainly the one of the supervisor.

Additionally, we are required to always have a general view of what is going on in our association to give our members the best experiences. 

As a UCSRN representative in the Social Committee of the organisation, you are expected  to organise events for the students from every University College in the Netherlands, and spread the awareness of the existence of this network within UCG students. In UCG there also is a small group of students who help the representative with the organisational part and the promotion. 

In a nutshell, the CAO position boils down to:

  • Enabling communication amongst committees, as well as between the committees and the board; 

  • Bringing out the best of Caerus’ committees by listening, supporting and mediating;

  • Managing all processes surrounding event planning and administration;

  • Representing the committees in the Caerus board;

  • Representing Caerus/UCG in the national student representative body for University College students: University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands (UCSRN).